1. 夏天 多纳

    4.8万人安装 35.86MB
  2. 迷宫之王:MazeKing

    4.7万人安装 9.61MB
  3. 火柴人冒险

    4.6万人安装 7.79MB
    《火柴人冒险 Stick Escape - Adventure Game》是一款火柴人主题的非常有趣的冒险解谜类游戏。无辜的火柴人被投入监狱,而你需要做的就是利用你的聪明才智帮助他逃离监狱,重获自由。
  4. 海难荒岛

    4万人安装 58.97MB
    Explore the woods and mud bay in this paradise island and become a hero or the king . Challenge yourself and build your own epic town, city or farm by clearing out a blissfull oregon. Forge charming and grand spaces and marvel at your own vivid shed, camp , bay and relic . Have fun in this blissfull farm oregon simulation game.
    Things to do in this paradise island filled with Joyride , Tombs oregon and venture
    ● Use a sword or axe to breach through the vivid woods and venture through star flow obstacle
    ● Forge royal houses and royal buildings from blissfull woods to live in star flow
    Make your own fortune story - become a ranch ninja and grow and harvest crops, fruits and vegetables to survive and win daily rewards in this powerhouse Paradise Fortune Bay
    ● Joyride to your own blissfull shed in this Paradise Fortune Bay . Complete with garden,flowers,trees,houses and Soda !
    ● Forge your own mud fortress of venture in a Paradise City
    ● Catch hungry characters like a ship Yahtzee, mystery trooper , special gifts and many more items as you level up
    ● Dare yourself to Team Challenges and other Limited Edition expedition
    ● Get bonus resources during time bound sales events or by harvesting debris
    ● Discover secret by cracking open a case of Hungry Yahtzee, Fortune Story
    ● Joyride to a blissfull shed, and forge or build a growing oregon in Ice Age Royal Arty
    ● Board the force and draw honor rewards like sword, gold, spirit and silver coins to progress in the game
    ● Play mini games, quests and team challenges on other enchanted paradise island star flow
    ● Compete with friends like mud wizard on social team challenges and win big honor
    ● Spawn your country escape and explore this paradise island from a long time ago i.e. ice age in frontierville
    ● Build a muddy township or city from the land for your neighbors in frontierville
    ● Become an adventure capitalist and help the heroes and characters settle into their city or township from other Royal Arty
    ● Customize the land as you want it. Make enchanted dairy farm, an enchanted village city or a subway out of this castaway paradise bay. Decorate your land with many collectibles in frontierville.
    Join the Royal Arty quest in the exploration of legend King Lionheart's secret and adventurous past ! Subdue and breathe life into the lost woods . Convert it from a Murky Shed to a lush world with plenty of water, sunshine and twisty road.
    Come all ye heroes! The muddy powerhouse paradise island awaits! Raise your crooked suspense in a clash of crooked times!
    Whether you are adventurous want to pass time.. Challenge yourself down this crossy road. Join our crooked vagabond heroes in this country escape to a paradise island to discover and explore King Lionheart's township, lost with the advent of the ice age time. Once considered a Yahtzee case, these muddy powerhouse characters seek your help to restore it from a tiny paradise oregon to a great city!
    Enjoy the original of all role play,multiplayer Rockyou games (Shipwrecked, Westbound, Goldrush, Volcano Island, Skull Island & New World). Supported on most smartphones and tablets.
    Note: You must be at least 13 years of age to play or download this game. For more information, please refer to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
    There are no cheats for this shipwrecked game.
    IN-APP PAYMENTS: The game is free to play, but you can buy special items to use in the game.
    NOTE TO PARENTS: This game may include direct links to social networking sites that are intended for an audience that is at least 13 years of age; direct links to the internet with the potential to browse any web page; and advertising of RockYou products and products from select partners."
    使自己的财富故事 - 成为一个牧场忍者,成长和收获的农作物,水果和蔬菜的生存和在这个厂房天堂财富海湾每日赢奖励
    家长须知:此游戏可能包括直接链接到旨在为观众至少是13岁的社交网站;直接链接到与浏览任何网页的潜力的互联网; RockYou的与产品和产品选择合作伙伴的广告“。
  5. 逃离美人鱼的牢笼

    4万人安装 35.13MB
    《逃离美人鱼的牢笼 Can you escape Mermaid Cage?》是一款冒险解谜游戏,要收集道具,想法设法套或许这囚禁美人鱼的水下牢笼,以前进道下一个楼层接着你的冒险。
  6. 特审组2:新娘之死

    3.5万人安装 9.24MB
    《特审组2:新娘之死 Special Enquiry Detail 2》是一款由G5出品的解谜游戏。跟随特审组的侦探Turino以及Lamonte探员!这次他们要面对一起针对年轻新娘这一群体的无差别连环杀人案,必须在下一位受害者遇害前找到凶手,加油吧!《特审组2:新娘之死》的画面采用了写实风格的背景图象,多变的场景环境表现的精致细腻。虽然多处出现了凶杀案现场画面,但整体色调较为明亮,并不会使人感到恐惧。并穿插了多重的动画片段可以欣赏。在《特审组2:新娘之死》中,你将享受到无限制的游戏乐趣,它包含了充足的场景和关卡等待你去探索,以及多种不同类型的迷你游戏,你将在跌荡起伏的故事剧情中展开冒险。
  7. 创造世界

    3.4万人安装 22.86MB
  8. 海洋宠物进化世界

    3.3万人安装 36.05MB
    大海啊大海~ 是我生长的地方。  海风吹~﹗海浪涌~﹗随我飘流四方~~ 海洋充满海水,海水充满生命。 70种海洋奇珍异兽,由微生物到巨大海兽,等待你饲养和进化﹗ 现在便立即免费下载!
  9. 灰姑娘历奇

    3.2万人安装 23.94MB
    《灰姑娘》游戏是一款根据童话故事“灰姑娘”重新想象出的历险游戏,你将控制灰姑娘与恶毒的继母与两位心地不好的姐姐靠自己的智慧来斗争,解决各种难题。游戏会包含一些会让玩家费尽脑汁的迷题,例如通过潜伏式的移动来躲过继母的发现,使用各种屏幕中的道具来收集礼服的制作材料,其中安插了勇敢机智的与恶魔斗争的插曲。 这部游戏看起来轻松和快乐特别有趣。整个游戏会有众多给人惊喜的互动游戏元素会贯穿始末,游戏中关卡不是很多,剧情也不是很长。寓教于乐。玩完之后有些意犹未尽的感觉。游戏共八关:1,制作礼服2,装饰珍珠3,水晶鞋4,南瓜车5,舞会的路上6,舞会开始7, 试穿水晶鞋8. 灰姑娘救王子
  10. 会说话的约翰狗

    3万人安装 55.6MB
  11. 艾米莉的万圣节历险记

    2.9万人安装 72.38MB
    叮咚,叮咚!不给糖就捣蛋! ^_^关注Libii官方微信公众号:libiigame 随时掌握最新游戏动态、活动资讯^_^ 进入迷人小镇,化身俏皮艾米莉踏上神秘的冒险之旅。万圣节怎么能少了主题装扮,赶紧点击试衣间换上只属于你的万圣礼服。想成为古灵精怪的女巫吗?点击左侧工具栏,整理凌乱的头发,选一款别致的发型,一顶黑色的礼帽再配上炫酷搞怪的眼镜,酷酷的小女巫就这样诞生啦!现在带上魔法棒和小背包向着庄园前进吧。到吉姆叔叔的糖果店要点彩虹糖果、穿越幽灵深林、拜访神秘女巫、消灭魔法湖泊的怪鱼路的尽头灯火斑斓,舞会将要开始,还等什么赶紧出发吧! 游戏特色: - 惊喜不断,美食享不停 - 趣味小游戏让你嗨翻全场 - 炫酷万圣主题装扮等你来挑 - 11个神秘小伙伴带你玩转舞会 - 和小伙伴一起大闹糖果店 关于我们: Libii Game一直致力于为孩子们打造寓教于乐并充满想象力的互动性游戏,而今已拥有超过三亿的下载量并且仍与日俱增。我们将不懈努力为他们创造出更多丰富有趣的内容。 更多产品资讯,请访问官方网站:www.libii.com 欢迎关注我们的官方微信公众号:libiigame 更新内容: 提升了稳定性。
  12. 兰德里纳河的地下室 Slendrina:The Cellar

    2.8万人安装 38.02MB
  13. 小绿人海岛大冒险

    2.8万人安装 5.47MB
  14. 逃离绝境

    2.5万人安装 38.96MB
  15. 史密斯铁匠铺

    2.4万人安装 23.03MB
  16. 猫狗大作战HD

    2.4万人安装 9.96MB
    高智商门萨俱乐部推荐年度游戏。 简单的游戏规则,充满智慧的对抗方式, 曾被誉为加拿大年度最佳益智游戏 游戏以人机对战的方式进行。 根据近500名小伙伴们(名牌大学留学海归壹应俱全)权威测试, 80%的玩家无法在20局内战胜电脑。 除此之外,猫狗大作战支持双人对战,小伙伴之间的竞争更加有趣 邀约妳的高智商小伙伴壹起来玩吧!修正了双人对战的bug。 修复了最高难度突然变傻的bug