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  1. 玩具塔防中文版


    Put your defense and strategic skills to the ultimate test in the new Tournament Mode of this addictive military tower defense game! Put your towers into action and defend your base from the never ending waves of enemies as you compete with your friends in weekly tower defense tournaments! Play for as long as you can survive! Defend the frontier with your force! Give your foe no quarter – a new Cooperative Mode has been added to the game! Create military alliances and join forces against a common enemy – develop strategy and wage war together to achieve awesome results and banish your enemies from the toy World! Experience a totally explosive gameplay in the new tower defense game in the World War I setting! Now you have even more opportunities, many more weapons and tactical tricks. Battle, eliminate foes, defend your base and feel for yourself the atmosphere of the true born warfare. Lead your army to victory by any means! Dive into this classic tower defense strategy – wargame № 1 in the world! Toy soldiers but real war! Game features: - Recreated World War I atmosphere - Over 90 thrilling tower defense war missions in a variety of worlds - 4 historically accurate weapons with 24 upgrades - Joint missions with your friends in the new Cooperative Mode! - Battles with 9 different enemies - All worlds are available at once and without any additional fees - Facebook and Twitter integration - 4 absolutely new cool features for a better defense: *Repairmen. Now tower can be repaired without your assistance! *Resurrection. Revive a ruined tower and take part in the battle again! *Squashing. Help your army, join the battle yourself! Squash the enemy with your finger! *Protective barrage. Defend your base. Crush the enemy with a blast wave! Dive into World War I battle, develop the best strategy with your army and defend your frontier! In the upcoming updates you will get new worlds, new toy soldiers and new weapons upgrades. Follow us for the updates! http://www.facebook.com/ToyDefense http://www.Melesta-Games.com http://www.twitter.com/MelestaGames Be sure to check out our other games!

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  2. 钢铁战队

    苹果全5星好评 即时战略年度神作

    这是游戏创作者继获奖作品Kingdom Rush(《王国保卫战》)三部曲之后的又一超凡太空奇幻历险之作。即时、动态以及深度策略的游戏模式将带你穿越到不可思议的未知星球。沉浸式拟真游戏场景、过瘾的游戏玩法、以及超凡绝佳的艺术感和一丝诙谐幽默感带你进入激烈的战争世界。勇猛的士兵、威猛的机甲人和强大的外星人通通等你来统率,并肩迎接最强挑战。

    6990 人安装 · 2018年03月15日 更新
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  3. 城与龙


    日本Asobism开发,魅族互娱代理,3D攻城对战策略手游! ********************************************* 游戏界美术风格的一股泥石流! 孵蛋!孵蛋!孵蛋!可能最丑的那个怪物才是你的菜! 建设!建设!建设!狗粮多了才能养成狼! 进攻!进攻!

    1.6万 人安装 · 2018年07月27日 更新
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  4. 军团对决


    一款卡牌对战策略手游, 6分钟内与全世界玩家同服竞技的策略对战手游,王者荣耀原班CV倾情打造,恢宏战场,上百单位同屏对战,完美的平衡数值。统一大服告别滚服,真正正正的不肝不氪良心手游。

    1.6万 人安装 · 2018年08月16日 更新
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  1. 方圆之战

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  2. 滚动的天空

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  3. 泡泡人大作战

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  4. 缪斯余音

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  5. 疯狂动物园

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  6. 节奏大师

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  7. 逃生力场

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  8. QQ炫舞手游

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  9. 撞头赛车

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  10. 东方新世界

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  11. 球球大作战

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  12. 亡命时速

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