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Moment.me is an app that collects all the pics, tweets and videos created at any given event and displays them in a panoramic, multi-POV (point of view) layout for you – and it works in real time! It’s never been easier to view shared experiences through the eyes of your family, friends and others in the crowd. Forget the hassle of trying to track down and organize all the social content you and your friends created at a shared event; Moment.me does all the hard work for you. Simply post pics, tweets and videos as you normally would on your favorite social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google ), and Moment.me takes care of the rest!Or, if you’d like the option to create your own moment, you can easily start and name a moment, invite friends you are with to contribute, apply special filters to your pics and manually add your favorite content to the moment. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What People Are Saying? “A great idea.” – Digital Trends? “A multi-platform chaos wrangler” – Evolver.fm? “Best social media hub app.” – TechNewsDaily? “A fantastic app for fans to share the emotional experience and memories as one collective group." – Huffington Post? “Be prepared to experience some of the most interesting moments from around the world.” – App Craver------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Benefits & Features☆ We Work, You Play: Moment.me automatically gathers all of your pics, tweets and videos from your various social and photo-sharing networks, so you don’t have to!☆ New Stuff: The new "Start a Moment" feature allows you to actively capture a full moment and invite your friends to add their pics, tweets and videos. Now, you won't have to hassle anyone to send you the pics they took at a shared event. No more taking the same group photo on multiple phones. Both you and your friends will have instant access to a single shared album that you created together by simply using your favorite photo app, or uploading pics to your social accounts.☆ Quick & Pretty: Now you have the option to take pics directly with the Moment.me app and apply photo filters and tailor them to fit your moment's mood. There’s no need to use an outside app if you don't want to.☆ You're a Moment Maker: You’ll have increased editing control over your moments.☆ Lookin' Gooood: The customizable share feature will help you draw a ton of interest to your favorite moments (great for advertising your band, promoting parties…etc.)☆ Stay Tuned: You'll always know what's happening at the coolest events around the world by simply following the Trending Moments feed.☆ Discover: Every day you open up Moment.me, you'll see new pics, tweets and videos from your closest friends and of popular events happening around you in real time.☆ Connectivity: Moment.me works with all your favorite social networks and photo-sharing services with full support for: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google , Picasa and Flickr.☆ Remember: Create a moment, make it last!And that's not all...


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