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[Lock Screen] ShiningStar

[Lock Screen] ShiningStar

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[Lock Screen] ShiningStar截图 [Lock Screen] ShiningStar截图 [Lock Screen] ShiningStar截图 [Lock Screen] ShiningStar截图
  • [Lock Screen] ShiningStar截图预览
  • [Lock Screen] ShiningStar截图预览
  • [Lock Screen] ShiningStar截图预览
  • [Lock Screen] ShiningStar截图预览
You can change your basic lock screen by using unique and stylish Lock Screen theme!!You can use SSKIN Lock Screen on any launcher and any device!!If you don’t install Lock Screen Manager, Install Lock Screen Manager first. (for free)▶ What is Lock Screen?This is Lock Screen application with stylish and multifunctional, of course UNIQUE Design. Enjoy the Lock Screen collaborated with many celebrities and character. You can manage more simply lock screen themes by Lock Screen MANAGER.▶ How to use Lock Screen ?1. If you don’t install Lock Screen Manager, Install Lock Screen Manager first(for free).2. Install a Lock Screen Theme (If you want to use Lock Screen Themes, you can search 'SSKIN Lock Screen' in market or download it in SSKIN Shop)3. Run the Lock Screen Manager - Check the ‘Lock Screen’ in Lock Screen Setting4. ‘Select Lock Screen - click ‘Apply’ you want to use.5. In ‘Display Setting’: You can set various clock styles, clock position and several information(date, missed call, unread message).6. if you check ‘Vibrator Enable’, device vibrates when you release lock. ▶ Attention- The devices which have SD card are available Lock Screen Service.- The application needs 10 MB in total to save theme resources. Please make sure to secure enough space before installation.- You can delete lock screen themes in ‘Lock Screen Manage’ or system setting.▶ Customer ServiceIf you have suggestion or inconvenience when you use our service, you can inquire sites below- Customer Service Site : http://cs.sskin.net- Blog : blog.sskin.net (Kr)- Facebook: www.facebook.com/Sskinthemes▶ Supported Devices────────────────SHW-M110S (Galaxy S), SHW-M190S (GALAXY S hoppin), SHW-M250S, SHW-M250K, SHW-M250L, SHW-M250LP (Galaxy S2), SHW- M130K (Galaxy K), SHW-M130L (Galaxy U), SHW-M220L (Galaxy Neo), SHV-E120S, SHV-E120K, SHV-E120L (Galaxy S2 HD LTE), SHW- M200S, SHW-M200K (Nexus S) Nexus One (Nexus one), HTC Desire (HTC Desire), HD A9191 (HTC Desire HD), SKY IM- A650S (Vega), SKY IM-A720L (Vega X), SKY IM-A725L (Vega X plus), IM-A780L(Vega Racer), IM-A690L(Mirach) LG- LU2300 (Optimus Q), LG-SU660 (Optimus2X), , LG-LU3000 (Optimus Maha), LG-LU6800(Optimus Big), I-L1(Vanilla)▶Tag잠금화면, 키가드,락스크린,락커,KeyGuard,Locker,Lockscreen

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