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Citymaps - Your logo map

Citymaps - Your logo map

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Citymaps - Your logo map截图 Citymaps - Your logo map截图 Citymaps - Your logo map截图 Citymaps - Your logo map截图
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  • Citymaps - Your logo map截图预览
  • Citymaps - Your logo map截图预览
  • Citymaps - Your logo map截图预览
With Citymaps, you can easily find the places that matter most to you and your friends, get insider tips and see photos by following friends and tastemakers, and find amazing deals at between 50%-80% off on the best stuff to see, do, eat and buy — all in one place. * GET MEANINGFUL RECOMMENDATIONS FROM FRIENDS AND TASTEMAKERS Follow people with similar tastes and you’ll see all their tips appear on your map. When you leave tips, they’ll be visible to you and your followers. It makes finding someplace new to try a breeze. * DISCOVER GREAT LOCAL DEALS We pull in deals from all the major deal providers including Groupon and Travelzoo, giving you access to discounts at thousands of businesses across the country. Any business logo with the “$” sign is offering a deal. Make sure to check it out. * ADD NEW PLACES TO THE MAP Don’t see your favorite place on the map? No problem. You can now personalize your map by adding your favorite restaurants, bars, and stores as well as your favorite picnic spot or street art mural. Simply long-tap on the map and watch a “pin” drop to mark the spot. * SEARCH LIKE A LOCAL Easily filter the map to see the places you and your friends love. You can quickly search all your places (or your friends’ places) with 1-tap. Searching on Citymaps is the easiest way to know what’s good. * MAKE MAPS, COLLECT PLACES Maps are collections of places that matter to you (e.g., "My favorite NYC brunch spots"). Collect your favorite places and give your map a creative title to show off your local knowledge. Explore other people’s maps to discover new places. * ADD PHOTOS TO PLACES Now you can add your own photos to places. Photos live in your profile as well as each place. Just tap the photo icon next to "Drop a tip" when you tap a place on the map. * QUICKLY SEE WHAT’S AROUND YOU Our LOGO map means you’ll never be lost again, ever! And finding a place nearby? That just got a whole lot easier. * Business location data is only available for the U.S.


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