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Garry Small Saab DealerA...下载

Garry Small Saab DealerA...

Garry Small Saab DealerA...

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Garry Small Saab DealerA...下载

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Garry Small Saab DealerA...截图 Garry Small Saab DealerA...截图 Garry Small Saab DealerA...截图 Garry Small Saab DealerA...截图 Garry Small Saab DealerA...截图
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  • Garry Small Saab DealerA...截图预览
  • Garry Small Saab DealerA...截图预览
  • Garry Small Saab DealerA...截图预览
  • Garry Small Saab DealerA...截图预览
Garry Small Saab is located in Portland, Oregon. We are a family owned and operated, Saab-only dealership that has been in business since 1986. We have full Sales, Service and Parts departments with a very knowledgeable staff to assist you. Our philosophy has always been to focus on the long-term relationships with our customers.
Now, we are proud to bring you our very own DealerApp! Some of the things our app can do for you are:
- Search Vehicle inventory using an Intuitive, fast, and easy to use system specifically designed for the app.
- Postboard messages and Notifications to alert you of specials, coupons, and announcements. Notifications are catered to your individual needs and can include images, videos, and attachments.
- Keep track of your vehicles in "My Garage". Add a photo of your vehicle and track things like: VIN, Year, Make, Model, License Plate, Oil Type, Tire Size, Date Purchased, Price Paid, Initial Mileage, Insurance Co., Policy No., and add all the extra notes you want.
- Service History is also available for each vehicle in "My Garage", see pending service appointments, add them to your calendar, and mark them as completed.
- The "Toolkit" contains super useful tools for you to use every day. The Toolkit can include things like:
Roadside Assistance
One-touch Service Scheduling
Local gas prices
Parking Assistant with GPS locator and meter timer
and more.
This section gets updated regularly and new features are always added.
- Stay up to date with everything going on in our OWNERS RESOURCES section.
- Includes all of our Social Media posts which you can share with friends and family.
- Get the latest news, events, and info from the manufacturer.
- Plus much more that can be included like our customer Reviews, Videos and Tutorials, and Owners Manuals
In addition, all the standard Dealership App features are also here like: Call and email each department, get directions, view operating hours, get quotes on vehicles, order parts, etc etc…
Powered by DealerApp
- 采用专为应用程序设计了一个直观,快速,易于使用的系统查询车辆库存。
- Postboard消息和通知,提醒特价,优惠券,并通知您。通知是迎合您的个人需求,可以包括图片,视频和附件。
- 保持在“我的车库”跟踪你的车。添加您车辆的照片和跟踪的东西,如:VIN,年份,品牌,型号,车牌,油类型,轮胎规格,购买日期,付出的代价,初始里程,保险有限公司,策略号,并添加所有的额外指出你想要的。
- 服务历史也可在“我的车库”每一辆车,看到挂起的预约服务,将它们添加到您的日历,并作为竣工纪念他们。
- “工具包”中包含超级有用的工具供您每天使用。该工具包可以包含的东西,如:
- 保持更新与我们的业主资源部分的一切事情。
- 包括我们所有的社会媒体的职位,你可以与朋友和家人分享。
- 获取最新的新闻,事件,并从制造商的信息。
- 另外更可以包括像我们的客户评论,视频和教程,和所有者手册

Garry Small Saab DealerA...更新内容

- New re-designed app Version 3.0 with tons of new features
- New Friendly Revised Interface
- More Advanced Notification System which can now alert you based on your location. Such as important customer only specials when you visit the dealership.
- The Inventory section is now easier to navigate, and you can search faster for what’s important to you. Inventory can now support Videos and Real Time Payments.
- Bug fixes and enhancements!


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