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Yellow Messenger is an Instant messenger to search and communicate with Brands, Local Businesses and Services over Chat / Instant-Messenger for Free. Yellow Messenger enables users to Find & Communicate with the best consumer brands and local businesses to get the information they need. Following are a few ways you can use yellow messenger- Want to get information on a feature of a particular latest smart phone. - Check the on road price of that swanky car you always wanted and book a test drive,- Check the availability and Negotiate the price on hotel rooms across your shortlisted hotels in Goa. Request for a custom service on your arrival.- Check for availability and book a diagnostic service or an appointment at the hospital- Book a table at the restaurant and check for the availability of your favourite dish- Get your queries on your credit card fees answered - Ask for a personalized mobile data plan with your telecom vendor.- Get the details on the real estate project and book a site visit- Schedule a home visit / service for your needs- Get your queries answered on a beauty treatment and book an appointment at the spaand Many more ... All this with the privacy of not sharing your contact information. You don't need to call and wait over the call center queues or send SMS's that cost you bucks. Also No pesky calls from related Businesses.Just search for the Business on Yellow Messenger on your smart phone and instantly chat with the Business that you are interested in and get the best product and service.Yellow Messenger also helps you to find and communicate with any kind of place like food points, banks, pizza or burgers points, swimming, clubs, sports complex, shopping complex, medical store, hospitals, metro stations, airport, fuel stations, beauty points or saloon, coffee shop, pet shop, doctor, college, university, bar, disco, movies, cinemas, zoo, entertainment zone and many more...Yellow Messenger is beautifully designed, easy-to-use. Yellow Messenger Get you the latest deals, discounts, freebies and promos from the Brands and Businesses in real time - Restaurants , Hotels , Fashion, Apparels , Electronics, E-commerce etc. Yellow Messenger does not have undue notifications on deals that you don't need. Choose the offer categories that you are interested and view the latest exclusive offers in only those categories.Instant Messaging with Businesses may not work in All places Now. are we are working fast to register the Businesses for this service and will be launching across many places soon.Keywords : Messenger , Yellow Pages ,Business listing , Brands , Communication, Search , Offers , Deals , Free


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