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iLandGuide St. Martin

iLandGuide St. Martin

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iLandGuide St. Martin下载

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  • iLandGuide St. Martin截图预览
  • iLandGuide St. Martin截图预览
The All in One Digital Tourist Guide and Event Planner for your safe and pleasant vacation on St. Martin★★★ The must have travel app for your holiday ★★★If the printed guidebook is not enough iLandGuide is the perfect partner for your holiday. Enjoy the navigation on the detailed map, find the best places you are interested in, make your research easy with the Inteligent Search Engine functions. Be noticed about all upcoming events and sales promotions on your mobile in full offline mode to avoid unwanted roaming fees. The essential guide in your pocket.MAIN FEATURES__________________________________________________________________➤ 100% OFFLINE Map➤ HUNDREDS OF INTERESTING PLACES with pictures, descriptions and searchable tags (accommodation, activities, beaches, restaurants, party places, sightseeing points, entertainments, spas, massage places, rentals, shops etc.). Save your favorites to find them again later easily.➤ INTELLIGENT SEARCH ENGINE to filter the entire database by keywords (for example: diving, sushi, aircon, pet-friendly etc.)➤ AROUND ME function to find out what to see near to you➤ UPCOMING EVENTS for never get bored➤ AVAILABLE PROMOTIONS to always get the best deals➤ USEFUL INFORMATION about the island, about the country, transportation, local foods, history and many many more➤ PICTURE GALLERY with nice images about the region➤ TRAVEL GADGETS like currency converter, travel notes etc.➤ Cloud synchronisation to enjoy the app without internet access➤ 100% OFFLINE MODE to avoid unwanted data roaming fees.✻ After downloading the App the first launch may take 1-2 minutes depending on your internet connection. We need this time to synchronise the database with the cloud server and install the map to your phone. You can sync the database anytime later when you have internet connection again.Other available tourist guides are coming soon…

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