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Stickman: Shooting

Stickman: Shooting


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Stickman: Shooting截图 Stickman: Shooting截图 Stickman: Shooting截图
  • Stickman: Shooting截图预览
  • Stickman: Shooting截图预览
  • Stickman: Shooting截图预览
Save the city from the monster outbreak. Don’t kill the innocent people of the city while hunting down the monsters. Dangerous times lies ahead! Will you be able to face it? Let’s begin the game and finish these law breakers..!
Stickman Shooter : Monster Hunter – Feature :
• easy and intuitive controls.
• 45+ challenging missions
• Shoot the zombie & free other survivor
• Use the environment to your advantage
• Kill all enemies & free survivor using a limited number of bullets