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Ninja Warrior Survival Fight

Ninja Warrior Survival Fight

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Ninja Warrior Survival Fight截图 Ninja Warrior Survival Fight截图 Ninja Warrior Survival Fight截图 Ninja Warrior Survival Fight截图 Ninja Warrior Survival Fight截图
  • Ninja Warrior Survival Fight截图预览
  • Ninja Warrior Survival Fight截图预览
  • Ninja Warrior Survival Fight截图预览
  • Ninja Warrior Survival Fight截图预览
  • Ninja Warrior Survival Fight截图预览
It’s time to take bloody revenge from strange dark castle enemies who have kept you in prison for so long and made your survival difficult. Castle enemies are afraid of ninja warrior like you who have great martial art survival and fighting skills and can be a threat to the royal throne. Luckily you managed to break down prison cell but for ultimate survival you need to fight and escape this big temple walls and kill down powerful enemies on your way out of the Castle. Ninja Warrior Survival Fight demands you to show off all your super martial arts and legend survival fighting skills and become the real super ninja warrior of the century. Make best use of your unique shadow warrior weapons in Ninja Warrior Survival Fight to win the deadly survival fight with Castle Enemies including armed soldiers, shadow captain guards & sword fighters. Don’t harm the innocent residents of temple as they are of no danger to you. Exhibit your extreme ninja moves in this ninja warrior fight adventure story. Heroes fight alone in any kind of situation. Be that warrior ninja superhero and take an epic revenge from castle opponents with your shuriken, classic samurai sword, bow and arrows and with your super martial art fighting and survival skills. Be the warrior ninja assassin and show no mercy to armed soldiers, captain guards and deadly fighters. Be the legend ninja warrior and defeat all strange shadow enemy fighters and bring victory with your amazing fighting and survival skills. Start fighting strange enemies as soon as you see them. Kill them with your super amazing shuriken, bow and arrows, classic sword blade and with your marital art skills. Collect different items like treasure chest, shuriken, bow and arrows, prison cell keys and spell book on your way of fighting and escaping the shadow temple. As a real superhero ninja warrior help escape the fellow prisoners locked up in deep dark shadow dungeon but for that you need to find and collect prison cell keys. Lots of challenges are waiting for your survival escape in this epic ninja warrior legend escape adventure. Fight every strange evil on your way and try to avoid every deadly attack and do not stop running! Jump, Climb, Punch, Fight with sword blade, throw shuriken towards rivals with your perfect target skills, take aim with bow and arrow and kill your enemies for once and for all. Be the ultimate ninja warrior fighting hero and rescue dark dungeon. Fight like brave, experienced ninja warrior and bring death to all your enemies..! Features: • Ninja Fighting Challenging Missions • Epic Fight with different Castle Enemies • Weapons like Shuriken, Bow & Arrows & Sword • Beautiful Castle Environment to Explore • Superb 3D Graphics and Sound Effects


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