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Black Hole Eat.io截图 Black Hole Eat.io截图 Black Hole Eat.io截图 Black Hole Eat.io截图 Black Hole Eat.io截图
  • Black Hole Eat.io截图预览
  • Black Hole Eat.io截图预览
  • Black Hole Eat.io截图预览
  • Black Hole Eat.io截图预览
  • Black Hole Eat.io截图预览
Play this Black Hole Eat.io game to eat the things you want. These things can be anything all or big, large or short, living or non-living. Eat the objects and create the biggest hole ever.
Play this addictive game and eat the items with your bigger blackhole. Eat the things to increase your blackhole size and eating capacity. The size of your black hole will increase as much as you eat objects. Your capacity for eating will increase on the basis of your blackhole size. So, the more you eat things, the more your blackhole will be bigger and bigger. And the more the black hole size is, more the eating capacity will increase.
This famous hole game has an enormous environment full of many objects, things, and items. The objects include benches, signals, traffic signs, poles, telephone booths etc. The things include cars, houses, buildings etc. There are also humans to eat, walking on the roads. The items include road motors, streets, trees, bins, tins and boats. You can also eat humans with your void hole.
Have a fierce blackhole battle with your friends and enemies at the same time in the endless game challenge. Play online as this is a multiplayer game or play offline as this game has artificially intelt players to play with. Beat your enemies in void holes eating competitions by dragging your hole in this online multiplayer hole game
This competitive game has an amazing gameplay and is a circle controlling game. You have to eat everything in your path. Eat cars, eat town, and eat people in this endless blackhole game. The mouth hole gets bigger on eating things and objects. Drag people and buildings in your black eating hole.
Have eating fights with your friends on the hole battlegrounds in this recreation world game. This is the simple eating arcade game to eat anything you like in your path. There are also different color Blackholes to choose like blue, yellow, green and pink.
$$$ Black Hole Eat.io game $$$
o Recreation World Game
o Endless Blackhole
o Playing with Timer
o Eat anything you like
o Defeat Enemies
o Play with Friends
o Participate in Hole Battlegrounds
o Play Blackhole Eating Battles
o Live Multi player Game
o Create the biggest world black hole
o Pull things in your Blackhole
o Control Hole Character
o Multiple Color Black holes