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Grand Superhero Flying Iron Rescue

Grand Superhero Flying Iron Rescue

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  • Grand Superhero Flying Iron Rescue截图预览
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  • Grand Superhero Flying Iron Rescue截图预览
Welcome to the flying iron rescue mission game on the store. flying superhero rescue game is an
exclusive blend of Grand superhero city rescue mission games, flying incredible hero fighting games,
superhero crime city adventure & super power world city rescue games. You are one of the best grand
mafia crime hero from action legend of superhero, go to the grand city and complete all rescue mission
and enjoy the superhero flying adventure. You are an iron superhero with amazing powers Jetpack at
your back and great abilities like flying with the rescue speed and fight skills. Use all your super power
and apply robotic strategy to save the people and city from the dangers in the US city and save life of
people who are injured during road accidents and terrorist attack. Superhero street crime rescue to
help save the innocent people and fight against gangster in hit and run accidents with amazing flying and
iron hero combat skills. You are a grand futuristic robot flying captain steel hero programmed to protect
and guard of US city. Fly over the Crime city to the ultimate height for searching and rescuing people in
an emergency situation and take them to the ambulance. Give a hard time to criminals escaping hit and
run and arson in the grand city combating police officers.
Enjoy the latest immortal flying iron hero in karate styles and show iron flying robotic strategy, super
kick and martial arts skills. These styles show realistic crime street fighting enjoyment. You will face
mutant spider legend 3D robots. Show your bravery and super power to knockdown an opponent in real
ninja hero deadly battle in street like a real hardcore flying ninja. Superhero counter fighting round with
harissa vs otaku, canfual vs superhero, spider vs meodea. Flying mafia iron free fighting action well
known in this game. Start super smash adventure attack is very important to winning champion world
battleship.Grand flying Iron Superhero 3D Robot Rescue Mission Game 2019 is bound to make you an
amazing street superhero punch fight to celebrate the identity as a ninja 3D warrior, flying around the
skyscrapers on a mission of city survival mission. For ultimate iron robot survival mission, the city needs
a flying superhero more like a mutant hero to live peacefully.
You may have played many robot wrestling and boxing fighting 3D games but I am sure you will never
play flying iron robot 3D fighter rescue game in your life and have fantastic enjoyment for you with
advanced features of world crime superhero flying iron game. Now it’s time to get special expertise in
the world class pacific iron battle rescue games. Make a Flip Kick punch and win the immortal flying
mafia iron game 2018 with the title of king of superhero Ninja street boxing championship. Download
and give review about flying Iron crime street fighting game.
Grand Flying Iron Rescue Superhero Mission Features:
• Realistic City Environment
• Superb Robot Icon Hero Flying Rescue Challenges
• Smooth & easy real Robot Controls
• Realistic Sound Effects
• Interesting Challenging level & Scenarios


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