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无尽之路截图 无尽之路截图 无尽之路截图 无尽之路截图 无尽之路截图
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  • 无尽之路截图预览
  • 无尽之路截图预览
  • 无尽之路截图预览
  • 无尽之路截图预览
A roguelike card game that’s simple yet incredibly complex: Use a variety of equipment and skill combos to defeat the vile creatures lurking along the endless road.
Each fork in the road will test your decision-making abilities on this twisted, immersive journey.
Game Features
Four roles, each with different active skills.
Use dozens of equipment, jewelry, and gemstones to improve your stats and cards.
Randomly generated levels.
Heaps of game events and unlockables.
Immersive graphics and music complement a twisted storyline.
One step at a time
All you know is what's at the next forking. Will you see it through to the end?
1. Four Classes
Choose one of four character classes, each with their own fighting characteristics.
Try out their unique talents and find special equipment that is tailored to each class. You may even switch between characters if you found a cool item that you’d like to see in action!
2.Tabletop Game Map
There’s two styles and four layers of maps (with more to be added shortly), all in the style of tabletop role-playing games. Each time you enter a new map, the content, events, and combat objects are randomly generated.
Exploring the map and fighting battles will drain your strength points. Don’t let them drop down to zero or you’ll soon experience negative effects, so always remember to eat and tend to your wounds.
Restore your lost memory and let the sophisticated and twisted plot unfold by collecting the letters that were left behind.
3. Tons of Rewards
You’ll come upon lots of hidden treasures along your journey, all with different powerful abilities. There’s some super-rare powerful legendary equipment, spells that restore your health, food, traps, camouflaging fragrances, hard cash, and so on.
4. Unforgiving Battle
The core mechanism of the battle is simple to learn, yet hard to master: You’ll need to calculate and combine cards, spells, and talents to surpass the total points in your opponent’s hand. However, sometimes it’s wise to defend rather than attack, or set traps and develop a long-time strategy to out-smart the enemy. Your foes may have the power, but you have the brains!
5. Improve Your Skills
Depending if you defeat a boss or be defeated, you will be taken to one of two types of interface: When you defeat a boss, you won’t be able to switch classes or modes, but you can buy equipment to replace the existing one. When you die after a battle, you can switch classes or modes but you will not be able to improve your skills.
6. Unlock Achievements
There’s a lot of achievements to be unlocked and various game modes and difficulties that guarantee good late-stage challenges and a high replayability on top of it all. Future updates will further expand the gaming experience.
Game Design
Unlike most independent game studios, we do not want to express deep truths and profound thoughts through this game.
Don’t get us wrong, it’s incredible that games can tell a story that can change your life. But when we design a game, the actual “playing” part is what comes first.
We believe that the fun aspect of a game is the most important, so a fun and smooth game experience is our top priority. Everything else, from graphics and sounds to story line, will be subject to the core game mechanics.
(P.S.: Actually, we’d still like to express some content: Maybe this game will teach you that there is no turning back on this endless road that we call life. Each turn you decide to take will make your journey a unique one. Sure, you’ll need some luck, but the key thing to success is to grasp it!)



  • 2018年10月23日 阿瑶

    玩了整整两天第四层通关三次了,我来说下一些秘籍! 1【加什么?第一优先加护甲值!多吃青色药丸,遇到愿望就加护甲,再是攻击或者生命上限,怒气可加可不加】 2【前三层趁还打得动多打怪才能拿到东西,别嫌麻烦】 3【一定要攒钱钱越多越好!每次都去商店!买青色药丸吃,然后可以买一个生死符咒备用最后决战,钱多的话可以卖买武器,卖掉你不需要的武器买更好的!】 4【关于体力,多打怪多开箱子就好,千万不能让体力为0,体力多的时候还可以换物品贼好】 5【跳步数的东西可以用来开箱子或者遇到愿望,可不要浪费了】 6【个人觉得回血流很好,这样可以省掉所有血瓶来卖,当然怎么搭配全看个人。】 7【每一关的boss怪物都是随机的,如果第四层你遇到了一个只靠死亡自爆就能灭掉你的怪物,就别挣扎了重来吧】

  • 2018年10月19日 白日梦想家

    “我是谁,我在哪,???????”游戏很好玩,但刚开始的时候会很懵。 当你玩了3,4个小时后也被折磨得差不多了,也对游戏有所了解了,那么,恭喜你,你已经开始感受这款游戏里最令人火大的地方了2333333333,高能:各种怪物的负面buff和强制出牌,会打乱你一开始制定的战略,如果你还跟我一样是非洲人话。。 不过如果你是欧洲人或者开局有王思聪运气的装备请无视上面一段话。

  • 2018年11月03日 晨风阿占

    又一段时间没来写游戏点评了,上次大家貌似对我的梦幻模拟战点评挺喜欢的,谢谢大家,这次简单说一下吧。 首先游戏作为steam平台的移植测试版,目前不太清楚是否是一个PC steam平台版本的一个推广版本,到底最终会不会完全移植steam平台版的多少内容,目前不得而知。但是抛开steam平台移植一个头衔,无尽之路可以说是一个游戏性相当不错的游戏。 如果大家有过桌游跑团经验的话,对于无尽之路的理解应该就相对容易很多了,骰子看脸,随机事件,攻击通过骰子点数决定攻击效果(无尽之路是通过卡牌随机点数),可以说无尽之路完全就是一个跑团游戏,简约的画面,处处看脸的设计,随机事件让你觉得乐趣无穷。虽然目前是一个单机游戏,但是轻快的游戏节奏也可以说是一个杀时间的利器。 但是虽然目前是一个单机游戏,但是我已经可以从游戏的模式,游戏的各种设计以及其跑团游戏的内核看到了多人联机对战的前景,通过扩展游戏的地图,故事背景,人物背景等等,完全可以扩展成一个多人跑团游戏,这个也许只是我个人的期望,但是我相信游戏本身具有这样的潜力。

  • 2018年10月19日 带病伤人

    没人推荐?哥先抢个头评做大佬。。。。 这个游戏需要烧脑,需要自己去花时间和精力去闯关,而不是玩不久就会心累的游戏。玩久了你就会知道,这游戏的策略性超级强,并不单单是靠运气,你可以利用敌人的技能来攻击敌人,最重要的是游戏性能特均衡!!!玩这游戏的游戏过程收获的多数是快乐,而不是复杂的计算,害怕挫败感的玩家可以放心了!唯一缺陷,就是对于刚入门的大佬来说,用道具时会有点选择困难症。 大概就这些啦!发现这款游戏真的超级惊喜!记住要看新手教学!!!!

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    oppo手机没法安装最新版呀!! 怎么解决呢


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