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Infinity War - Sky Airforce 2019

Infinity War - Sky Airforce 2019


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Infinity War - Sky Airforce 2019截图 Infinity War - Sky Airforce 2019截图
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  • Infinity War - Sky Airforce 2019截图预览
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Infinity War - Sky Airforce 2019
is a third-person action game, your role in the spaceship, your mission is fighting against the invaders and protecting the universe.
2 - Kill space intruders. Just need one finger to drag your spaceship & auto-fire (minimize control operation while playing so the player only needs to focus on attacking and avoiding enemies).
3 - Upgrade spaceship
4 - Change your weapons.
️ Control your spaceship and fight the invading forces in outer space alone in Infinity War - Sky Airforce 2019. Upgrade your spaceship, increase your firepower to kill enemies, boss bosses and level up.
It simulates a war in a space shooter, put you at the forefront of a battle with space intruders. You will have 5 amazing battleships to fire
During the progress of the game, the player has the opportunity to earn the right to upgrade the craft, which increases the chance of dealing damage to the enemy.
CAPTAIN - A battleship with powerful firepower and solid protection from Venus.
PHOENIX - The fastest ship in the universe armed with advanced weapons technology has been stolen from the palace of the evil queen of Galam.
HAWK - The ship represents the great cooperation of planet Hado and LUNg, fast, powerful, sharp.
TANKER- the dark ship of the monk from the mysterious Hata planet. It is given magical powers with the Ees curse - a kind of dark magic.
KAME - The legend of an unbeaten battleship born in the land of LUNg - the birthplace of superheroes defend justice
Do you want a new style of arcade shooter game?
Infinity War - Sky Airforce 2019
is a game of shoot 'em up video game from 1945.
One day, our beautiful galaxy is under attack of space intruders. You are the last hero of the galaxy. Your goal will be quite challenging as you will have to save the galaxy from its evil enemies. You will take control of the spaceship and protect the galaxy from alien swarms.
You must plan your battle strategy well and upgrade your fighter ship to defeat the increasingly advanced aliens. If you like space shooting and survival games and like to simulate sky shooting in for glory and duty, then Infinity War - Sky Airforce 2019 is the one you should be shooter playing.
To accomplish this task, you must have the courage and wisdom.
⚾️ Features
✪ Amazing lighting and special effects
✪ Includes Power-ups and Bosses!
✪ Leaderboard global.
✪ Lucky circle.
✪ There are 2 free spaceships & 3 paid
✪ You can choose main ship or tiny ship before the fire
✪ You can upgrade your ship to get more powerful, make stronger
✪ Amazing lighting and special effects
✪ Includes Power-ups and Bosses!
✪ Stunning graphics & exquisite sounds quality
✪ Various spaceships with their own unique weapons, missiles & special abilities to help you defeat all of those bosses.
✪ Leaderboard global.
✪ Lucky box.
You control the spacecraft alone and protect the galaxy from the alien crowd. In this space, you have to fight with increasing number of enemies and countless powerful bosses.
⛅️ The game has beautiful graphics, spectacular light effects create a fight exciting. Besides, the addictive gameplay and simple control system will quickly bring you into the game and never want to stop.