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Pikachu 2000

Pikachu 2000


Pikachu 2000最新版截图

Pikachu 2000截图 Pikachu 2000截图 Pikachu 2000截图
  • Pikachu 2000截图预览
  • Pikachu 2000截图预览
  • Pikachu 2000截图预览
Pikachu 2000 is a classic pikachu game (old version) and adds Pikachu PC (new version). Let's overcome the new Pikachu game 2000!
The best classic version of pikachu game has been revived on Android devices.
Pikachu 2000 is the first matching animal game for PC. It's fun, it's the best version of your favorite pikachu game
* Animal connect, picachu:
Your task is to find pairs of the same animal, connect the animals together.
First of all the pictures will be open for you to see, you must remember the pairs of the same animal. When you start playing, the pictures will be hidden, you must find all the pairs to pass the door.
The next door will be difficult, you have pass it
Pikachu co dien: co dien, pikachu kieu moi
Pikachu classic, animals:
Pikachu 2000 is legend game. We remake and bring game to android mobile and add more features.
****** How to Play Pikachu 2000 Game Classic? *****
- Find 2 the same animal which can connect with 3 line
- Find all twin animal to pass the level.
- You will get more score when find more quickly you can.
- Classic Pikachu game
- Ton of levels
- Classic sound, music
- 8-bit graphic.
- Support all mainstream devices
- Friendly interface, easy to play
- High score ranking online
- Completely free and with few ads
- Classic game icon
Pikachu 2000! Download now!