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Animal Hunter sniper 3D

Animal Hunter sniper 3D


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  • Animal Hunter sniper 3D截图预览
Wild animals, deer, grizzly bears, wild wolf, and even flying wild geese can be your prey.
There are countless hunting grounds waiting for you to conquer famous hunting grounds around the world: the jungles of South America, the mountains of Australia,
and the African savannah.
Get Ready for real forest animal attack hunter: real adventure, you have entered into the angry animals shooter 3D, kill the wild animals erous sniper 3D.
In this adventure african sniper animal hunting game encounter your killing and hunting expertise should be at par to win this immersive target while enjoying a best safari hunting experience in a stunning and deep forest in a winter season kind of environment.
Animals feel jungle as their perfect survival place. When someone gets into it they attack and injured them.
So the sniper man should hold his breath and shoot with aim. While hunting bear, wolf, leopard, lion and fox be aware, they will become alert with the sound of first bullet fire and they will attack on yourself and if you will not take hurry action the jungle beast will take no time to kill you and your mission will be over.
Find your prey, tap to zoom the scope and then shoot your aim and go for the kill.
You can zoom in more by press the screen once the sniper scope is open. To set your gun with more accuracy, like a real sniper.
While stag, rabbit, deer and pig run away in the deep hilly forest by hearing firing sound.
The mission of forest running animals is a little challenging to improve your sniper shooting skills.
So is a skilled army contract shooter killing these erous animals before they attack or run away.
Just select your favorite hunting one animal at a time and then go into the levels to complete your target which are ten in number Animal Hunter sniper 3D.
Game Features:
- 200+ gameplay mission with different tasks
- Advanced sniper shooting adventures
- HD graphics
- Amazing sounds effects
- Action cam of head shot and body shots.