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Mountain Getter:Hammerman

Mountain Getter:Hammerman


Mountain Getter:Hammerman最新版截图

Mountain Getter:Hammerman截图 Mountain Getter:Hammerman截图 Mountain Getter:Hammerman截图
  • Mountain Getter:Hammerman截图预览
  • Mountain Getter:Hammerman截图预览
  • Mountain Getter:Hammerman截图预览
Your Job is to move the Mountain Getter:Hammerman with Joystick, With time,to getting over up it on the top of the mountain, you’ll be able to jump, swing, and climb.
Get your self ready to play one of the Greatest and hardest games ever,featuring a customized physics engine with all animated rigid body physics and personbox.
Mountain Getter:Hammerman is easy to learn, although very difficult to master.
With the virtual crosar we can move the hammer, with which we will have to try to climb.
At the beginning it will not be easy, but little by little we will go to the controls and we can even make jumps .
Yes, even if our character does not have legs, we can perform some absurd maneuvers thanks to our precious hammer.
Game's Features :
-- New Awesome 3D Graphics
-- physics-based realistic movement
-- easy, Unique, funny and challenging game play
-- Best quality Supports, And Updates!

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