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Killer Shooter SWAT

Killer Shooter SWAT

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Killer Shooter SWAT
The most exciting and challenging FPS sniper shooting game,
You lead the SWAT force into the area occupied by terrorists and rescue civilians at risk. SWAT rescue action is very arduous to deal with crazy and deadly terrorist groups. As well-trained soldiers, good professional skills on the battlefield will lead you to success in the desert town of rescue.
In the ultimate crime game, different type of mission such as checking the streets and rooms, on the roof, every corner lock criminals, destroy them.Target enemy mercenaries and armies, destroy them all in FPS sniper shooting game.Enter in war battle fight against stubborn criminals, gangsters, bandits and thieves in the Arabian desert town.
As an elite sniper assassin, Quest investigates criminal cases, destroys crime.
Killer Shooter SWAT game features:
-FPS sniper shooting game, immersive,
- bullet flight trajectory, the real physical effects,
complex weather, feel real snipe shooting experience
- Sniper Battle game give players a kill cool
- Different task levels, difficulty different, feelings of shooting passion and soul-stirring
- Ranking system, title; easy to operate, completely free, fun
Are you want to become a Elite Sniper? Play Killer Shooter SWAT game, prove yourself!