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Language Changer

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HOW TO USE(1) Go to home screen(2) Long press on empty area of screen.(3) Select Widget(4) Navigate through the list of installed widgets and select Language Changer.(5) Click on the Language Changer Widget and you will add it to your home screen.(6) Press the “Home” key. The new widget should appear on the home screen (or wallpaper).Cheers..you can set widget as much as you want with different languages to easily switch language.you can also change from application without widget.Set Locale and LanguagePut the Language Switcher widget on your home screen and just touch it to switch languages.Select the languages you will most commonly need to switch between. Choose from over 50+ languages!As we know that some rom of Android have no full set of language,sometimes it is hard to set the language you want in your phone.Or if the custom locale function in menu don't support your language,you can try this app!You can select more locales via this app.This app will tell you what language is supported in yourcellphone, you can set this language by just one click!If your device doesn't support the language (locale) that you want to use, you can set it with this application, and then other applications will work with the selected language (locale).Note: Selected language is used only if the application is localized!There are languages, which are missing from the list. The reason is, that I haven't found much localizations for those languages.if you have any questions or bug, please report to us: offspringjava09@gmail.comKindly please give us your valuable suggestion to improve app.Keywords: locale switcher , locale picker , Set Locale , Set Language , Language Setting , Locale Setting , set locale and language , any locale ,Set language, locale settings , Set Locale and Language , Locale selector , Select locale , Locale Switcher , Set Language


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