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  • Immigration Nation

    Immigration Nation

    Do you know how people become citizens of the United States? In Immigration Nation, you'll find out as you guide newcomers along their path to citizenship. This NEW and IMPROVED version of Immigration includes the following features: - New Puzzle Mode - Refreshed content and art - New features: illustrated harbors, glossary, and voice over - Player support through the Decision Compass - Spanish translation Sign up for an iCivics account to earn Impact Points! Teachers: Check out our classroom resources for Immigration Nation. Just visit www.icivics.org! Learning Objectives: Your students will ... - Identify eligibility requirements for legal U.S. residence - Use citizenship criteria to distinguish those who are already citizens from those who are not - Describe time requirements for legal residents to become eligible to apply for citizenship
  • Treasure of the Nation

    Treasure of the Nation

    Every nation has something to protect The treasure of the nation is hidden away from the eyes of others. It is necessary to solve many mysteries to find this treasure.
  • Undead Nation: Last Shelter

    Undead Nation: Last Shelter

    [COLLECT SURVIVORS] A wide variety of unique and powerful Survivors to recruit and train! Collect them all and assemble the strongest team to go against zombie hordes! [INTENSE PVP COMBAT] Challenge other players in real-time to climb the ranks! Position yourself to take advantage of the terrain and swing the conquest in your favor! Fight over zombie-infested buildings and take over enemy territory to become the reigning champion of your area! [CUSTOMIZABLE BASECAMP] Upgrade and build facilities to create a basecamp unique to you! Produce medicine, food, and materials to strengthen your base and your crew! Combine rooms, set traps, and fortify your base to defend against being raided by other players! [STRATEGIC COMBAT SYSTEM] Discover what strategies work for you by choosing from a range of tactics that will assist you in battle! Exploit holes in your enemies’ defenses and take control of battle! Endless possible combinations of Survivors and tactics that evolve with your play style! [GLOBAL ALLIANCES] Meet other players and share ideas in Alliances from all around the world! Work together to become the strongest Alliance in Undead Nation!
  • tmHack -Defend your Nation!

    tmHack -Defend your Nation!

    tmHACK is a multiplayer hacking simulation game. What are you waiting for! Fight for your nation! World War III has begun, but nations no longer use weapons, instead they employ hackers from nations to enhance their IT power Employed hackers have the power to defend their nation and try to impoverish others.
  • Army Attack  Struggle of Nation

    Army Attack Struggle of Nation

    This game is dedicated to fighters who have been willing to sacrifice to defend their people. They are willing to leave the family for the sake of national independence. not only that, the fighters were also willing to sacrifice their property and lives to fight the enemies they faced. Let's help the fighters to save the nation! this game is very easy, you only need to read the guides that are already in the game. Highly recommended for those of you who like adventure. Good luck!
  • Guess the nation on the club

    Guess the nation on the club

    Open the positions of the composition and guess at the club which team it is. Pass the career Set records in the modes for time and points
  • Nation’s


  • PINK Nation

    PINK Nation

    Introducing the all-new Victoria’s Secret PINK Nation Android™ app! Completely revamped with even more exclusive content and instant access to all things PINK! Plus, shop new PINK whenever, wherever. What’s Inside? • An exclusive offer for all new members • A new way to play and shop new arrivals – Swipe left or right! • The cutest weather mini dog to get your forecast • Badges to prove your PINK love • Bra love (for the 411 on all PINK Bras) • Store locator • 24/7 PINK shopping Coming soon! All new one-of-a-kind filters & stickers to PINK your pics 引入全新的维多利亚的秘密PINK民族的Andr​​oid™应用程序!与更多的独家内容和即时访问所有的事情PINK全面更新!另外,本店新PINK无论何时何地。 里面有什么? •独家提供的所有新成员 •新的游戏方式和购物的新移民 - 向左或向右滑动! •最可爱的小气候狗,让您的预测 •徽章来证明你的粉红色的爱 •胸罩的爱(对所有粉红色的胸罩411) •店铺位置 •24/7粉红色购物 即将推出!一对的一类全新的过滤器及贴到粉红你的照片


    With its simple and intuitive user interface, NATION APK is the solution to making high quality calls for a fraction of the cost. Utilizing the latest the latest advances in VOIP technology, you can be ensured that all your communications are secure and affordable. • NATION APK is a SIP-based soft phone. You can call your friends and family from NATION APK with lowest international call rates! and ensuring best quality. Features • SIP-based softphone with exceptional voice quality • Works from Wifi/3G/GSM • Support for DTMF • Easy contact book, call history. In addition to your cost savings, we offers: • Secure and reliable communication • Compatible with VOIP switches supporting standard SIP • Unique anti-block solution • Option to own brand dialer • Advance Echo Cancellation • Flexible integration with your phone book contacts • Screen display for your call history, call timer and balance.
  • PB Nation

    PB Nation

  • Seven Nation Army  Piano Dots  The White Stripes

    Seven Nation Army Piano Dots The White Stripes

    HOW TO PLAY? It's simple. There are 5 lanes where dots can come from. You have to tap on each and everyone. If you slip an the dot reaches bottom you lose. Try to match taping with a beat and you will be the greatest! IT'S FUN! Enjoy the best hits of all time mixed with piano dots! Listen to your favorites and have the best time of your life!
  • The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army - Piano Magi

    The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army - Piano Magi

    Do usual color annoy you? You want something more spectacular and amusing? Well we are here to help! We created this game to fulfill your wishes. Golden background, multiple songs and smooth gameplay will keep you entertained all the time. The game itself is simple, just tap on piano keys or slide on longer keys and collect points. Compete with your friends and see who is the best!
  • The Dakota Trail - Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Game

    The Dakota Trail - Sioux Valley Dakota Nation Game

    with over 250 words, you can have fun unlocking levels and advancing your learning with this handy offline app. All words are fully voiced All words have descriptive picture accompaniment Study guide to help you learn Stats to show you tricky words you've missed
  • Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes - Piano Magi

    Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes - Piano Magi

    Are you looking for an adventure? Well you are in luck. Our team created this awesome, beautifuly designed game with a theme of magic! Piano melodies of your favorite artists are arrenged by us for you to enjoy! We are truly believe in a beauty and simplicity, if you have the same values then this game is for you. If you get bored with one song go and search for another on our acccount, we have everything you need. Game itself is easy at the beggining, but it gets harded with time. Tap on black tiles and go as far as you can.
  • The Nation Pakistan

    The Nation Pakistan

  • Quizio - Football nation

    Quizio - Football nation

  • Blue Nation Review

    Blue Nation Review

  • Payne Nation & Charles P...

    Payne Nation & Charles P...

    An issues based financial talk show that empowers, educates and entertains the audience by explaining and humanizing business and the stock market. 【基本信息】 作者:OrionsWave, LLC 更新时间:2014-07-30 版本:1.0.5 系统:Android 2.2.x以上 语言:其他
  • Who Dat Nation Podcast

    Who Dat Nation Podcast

    Fancast of our beloved NOLA Saints. Jason Tims, Tommy "Gun" Howard, Kyle "Phish" Duhon get you caught up on the facts and then have a comedic RANT RANT RANT!!! Reviews, Previews and More. 【基本信息】 作者:Jason Tims 更新时间:2014-08-29 版本:1.0 系统:Android 2.2.x以上 语言:其他
  • Nitro Nation Speed Racing

    Nitro Nation Speed Racing

  • HighScore Game Nations

    HighScore Game Nations

    Score, compete and make your nation No. 1 in the High Score table! You only need to select your nation and click the score button as many times as you can to earn points for yourself and your nation. The game is free to play but you may find advertisements during the gameplay. If you face any issues please write an email to play.vvgames@gmail.com to help us with improving the game.
  • 警方越狱狙击手


    《警方越狱狙击手》是由Nation Games 3D提供的第一个人称射击游戏。你将在游戏中扮演一位训练有素的狙击手,以最短的时间和最精确的打击完成任务。极其真实的狙击枪瞄准体验,控制心跳和准心是每个狙击手必备的技能,瞄准不会太容易,需要你沉得住气,但也要能够秒甩。游戏是一个完整的越狱故事,关卡众多,想体验监狱狙击手的朋友可不能错过了。 【游戏特色】 - 完整越狱故事 - 真实监狱环境 - 第一人称真实狙击手体验 - 游戏完全免费 - 游戏不需要网络 【测试机型】 谷歌Nexus7(Android 5.1
  • Hill Racer 2

    Hill Racer 2

    The balls have had it with just riding down their local hills, so now they've decided to take their business world wide! Race your balls down the hill in a variety of awesome locations, like Greece, Japan, the Netherlands, Egypt and Hawaii! Rep your nation by beating other balls! Beat your friends on the leaderboard, to show them who's boss! What are you waiting for? Install now to start racing. Ready? Set? GO!
  • Jewels Burst

    Jewels Burst

    jewels burst Reveal the ancient secrets of the mummy! The fate of the whole nation is in your hands. Make important decisions in real historical situations Get into the time machine and enter the great Pyramid of Giza, explore the tombs in the valley of the kings and find the lost treasure. Play this ancient Egypt game and have fun! This game is seriously fun, super addictive, you will like it. Thanks every game players! Any suggestion is welcome!