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Best words power app for age 4-8 years kids and children. Does you like to improve your kids/child words power? Yes, then Gift this app to your kids. we are sure kids/child will love this app. This kid’s words power game designed for kids and child that improve its words power to playing game. App with animated graphics this allow kids to learn and enhance their words power in a better way. This is best recommended kids and children app. All your child's favorite apps in one safe place.Kids/Child Activity:★ Added 300 words with pictures.★ Recognize name of given picture with four option★ Fill First missing latter of given picture words.★ Fill middle missing latter of given picture words.★Fill Vowels missing latter of given picture words★Missing latter of alphabet, Words with picture and much more.★ Fill all words given picture.★ Arrange alphabetical order★ Kids quiz with four options★ Fill Middle Vowels★ Find lower-case for upper case latter.★ Fill Missing Later★ Guessing Picture name and fill Beginning sound★ Identify Animals, Fruits, Colors, Shapes, Birds, Vehicles, Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers and Body ★ parts names with four option.Its main features are -:★ Improve words power skill and increases confidence.★ Top notch quality design.★ Excellent and attractive graphics are being used.★ Very easy to use.★ Kids can operate it easily.★ Several categories of words are available★ Supports all display sizes and screen resolutions★Save Score after completed level.It is a fun and addictive way to improve kids' words power skills! The app is specially designed for children. So download this app and let you kid explore words power the world in the most effective manner.




Android 2.2.x 以上


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Kids Words Power