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This third-party application – also known as Code Factory’s “Mobile Accessibility” – is a screen-access application which allows people who are blind or have low vision to use an Android phone in an intuitive, easy and simple way. This app is being provided – for FREE – to Sprint, Boost Mobile, and Virgin Mobile USA customers.
Mobile Accessibility is two products in one:
1) It is a suite of 10 accessible applications (Phone, Contacts, SMS, Alarm, Calendar, Email, Web, Where am I, Apps and Settings) which have been especially designed for the blind and visually impaired. They all have a simplified interface whose textual information is spoken using Nuance Vocalizer® voice synthesis or you can connect your Braille display for Braille output.
2) It is also a screen reader which allows you to get out of the suite and navigate the standard interface of your phone.
Inside the Mobile Accessibility suite of accessible applications you can do the following:
- Phone: Make calls, answer calls, hear the caller ID and manage your call log.
- Contacts: Manage your contacts, even those from social networks such as Facebook.
- SMS: Compose and read short messages. Manage conversations.
- Alarms: Set your alarms.
- Web: Full web browser experience, similar to what you can find on your PC. Jump by the control of your choice (links, paragraphs, headings, forms, etc.) to navigate faster to the information of your interest. Bookmark your favorite webpages.
- Calendar: Create, edit and delete a calendar entry. View all events per day, week or month.
- Email: Full access to your Gmail account.
- Where am I? : GPS application that tells you your current location.
- Apps: Access the list of apps installed on your Android phone.
- Settings: Change the ringtone. Configure feedback and notifications (vibration or audio). Configure keyboard echo, punctuation verbosity, speech pitch and rate, etc.
- Quick access to date and time, phone status information such as battery level and network coverage, number of missed calls and unread messages, etc.
Main Highlights:
- Touch navigation: Simply move your finger around the screen and the voice synthesis will read the text located under your finger. Or if you prefer, you can also swipe up/down/right/left and tap on the screen to navigate through the interface. And if you wish you can enable sound and vibration feedback.
- Easy to input text: In or outside the Mobile Accessibility suite you can use the touch QWERTY keyboard as well as the speech recognition to write text quickly and easily.
- Voice synthesis: We partnered with Nuance ® to offer their Vocalizer as the voice of Mobile Accessibility.
- Mobile Accessibility features advanced Braille support. Logically assigned Braille commands provide uniform functionality across supported Braille devices.
System Requirements:
All Android phones from version 2.1 and above are supported. Please note that speech recognition is only supported with version 2.2 and above.
Your use of this application is governed by Sprint’s, Boost Mobile’s, or Virgin Mobile USA’s General Terms and Conditions of Service or Terms of Service (as applicable), which are available at www.sprint.com/termsandconditions, www.boostmobile.com/terms, or www.virginmobileusa.com/legal/terms-of-service.
此第三方应用程序 - 也被称为代码工厂的“移动辅助功能” - 是一个屏幕访问应用程序,它允许在一个直观的,简单易用的方式使用Android手机的人谁是盲人或低视力。这个应用程序提供 - 免费 - 到Sprint的Boost Mobile和维珍移动美国客户。
- 电话:拨打电话,接听电话,听到呼叫者ID和管理您的呼叫记录。
- 联系方式:管理您的联系人,即使是那些社会网络如Facebook。
- 短信:撰写和阅读短信。管理对话。
- 报警:设置报警。
- 网址:Full网络浏览器的经验,你可以找到你的PC类似。您所选择的控制(链接,段落,标题,表格等)跳转到导航更快的兴趣的信息。书签您最喜爱的网页。
- 日历:创建,编辑和删除日历项。每天,每周或每月查看所有活动。
- 电子邮件:完全访问您的Gmail帐户。
- 我在哪里? GPS应用程序,告诉您您当前所在的位置。
- 应用程序访问您的Andr​​oid手机上安装的应用程序的列表。
- 设置:更改铃声。配置的意见和通知(振动或音频)。配置键盘回声,标点符号冗长,基音周期和利率等。
- 快速访问日期和时间,手机状态信息,如电池电量和网络的覆盖范围,数量,未接来电和未读邮件等
- 触摸导航:只要将你的手指在屏幕上阅读的文本的语音合成在你的手指。或者,如果你愿意,你也可以轻扫上/下/左/右点击屏幕上的界面通过导航。如果你愿意,你可以使声音和振动反馈。
- 轻松输入文字:境内或境外移动无障碍套件,您可以使用触摸QWERTY键盘以及语音识别,快速,轻松地写文字。
- 语音合成:我们与Nuance公司®提供他们的Vocalizer提供的移动访问的声音。
- 移动访问功能先进的盲文支撑。逻辑分配的盲文命令支持盲文设备之间提供统一的功能。
您使用此应用程序是由Sprint公司,升压移动,维珍移动美国的一般条款和条件的服务或服务条款(如适用),可在www.sprint.com / termsandconditions,www.boostmobile.com/的条款,或www.virginmobileusa.com /法律/服务条件。





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