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BYU Digital Universe BYU Digital Universe BYU Digital Universe BYU Digital Universe BYU Digital Universe BYU Digital Universe

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Download the Daily Universe App and receive deals and updates in the Provo Area.
Hold the power of BYU’s Universe in your hand. Features you read most are now at your fingertips. Get the best of the DU on your smartphone.
The Digital Universe app includes:
News and Sports: Quickly get up to speed with content from The Universe. Stay involved with the DU as you walk to class with links to our latest photos.
Student Marketplace: A free service exclusively for the BYU community to buy and sell anything from housing contracts and textbooks to electronics and apparel. The online ride board makes it easier to find rides or riders to destinations around the nation. The Help Wanted section allows the BYU community to find or fill services or tutoring needs.
Daily Deals: Deals from local vendors offered just for BYU students.
Events Calendar: Always know what is happening on and around campus. Find out when, where and what is going on. Add any event to your personal calendar using our calendar link.
Police Beat: One of our most popular features covering the unique, absurd and astonishing police reports from BYU police.
Misc: Check out the testing center wait lines or other webcams around campus.
The Universe is an educational lab tied to the curriculum objectives of the journalism and public relations sequences in the Department of Communications. The Universe publishes a weekly print edition when classes are in session, including Spring and Summer terms.
The Universe is committed to the mission of BYU and its sponsoring institution, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The main objective of The Universe is mentoring and training communications students. Approximately 200 communications students each year work for The Universe as paid student employees or as part of lab assignments tied to journalism classes. Professional staff and faculty are involved in mentoring student reporters, editors, designers, photographers, advertising sales and production staff.
© 2012 Brigham Young University. All rights reserved.

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