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Dodge Poo~~!

Dodge Poo~~!

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Dodge Poo~~! 截图

Dodge Poo~~! Dodge Poo~~! Dodge Poo~~!

Dodge Poo~~! 描述

Dodge Poo~~!

Android version 2.2 or later.

It is possible to choose between Button Mode and Gravity Mode.

top10 scores are stored in the ranking.

Network ranking system is established.

auto-orient is not supported.

Is optimized for GPU acceleration.

resoulution is optimized 480*800.


version 2.5.5

date 2012.04.18

-bug is modified.

version 2.5.3

date 2012.04.10

-Adobe Air is updated to version 3.3.

version 2.4.7

date 2012.04.05

-the error occurred when total score is stored is modified.

version 2.4.3

date 2012.03.29

-Execution error is corrected.

version 2.4.1

date 2012.03.28

-intro image is added.

version 2.4.0

date 2012.03.27

-your cell phone is vibrating when you die.

version 2.3.3

date 2012.03.22

-bug is modified.

version 2.3.1

date 2012.03.21

-Is optimized for GPU acceleration.

version 2.2.0

date 2012.03.20

-Adobe Air is no longer needed.

version 2.1.3

date 2012.03.19

-bug is modified.

version 2.1.2

date 2012.03.15

-Network ranking system is established.

version 2.0.2

date 2012.03.13

-Sound is added.

version 2.0.1

date 2012.03.13

-Ranking ID's letter spacing has been corrected.

version 2.0.0

date 2012.03.12

-ranking system is established.

-The stage is added, and the level of difficulty is down.

version 1.2.8

date 2012.03.09

-level system is added.

-poo design is updated.

-background image is updated.

version 1.2.4

date 2012.03.08

-high score is always stored in DB.

-it is modified to button UI and control method.

-poo design is updated.

version 1.2.1

date 2012.03.07

-this game is optimized for all resolution.

version 1.1.2

date 2012.03.07

-design of menu is changed.

version 1.1.1

date 2012.03.06

-bug is modified.

version 1.1.0

date 2012.03.06

-background image is updated.

version 1.0.0

date 2012.03.06

Dodge Poo~~! 更新内容


version 2.5.5

date 2012.04.18

-bug is modified.

Dodge Poo~~! 历史版本

Dodge Poo~~! 信息

Android 2.2.x 以上

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