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Dodge Poo~~! online game

Dodge Poo~~! online game

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Dodge Poo~~! online game 截图

Dodge Poo~~! online game Dodge Poo~~! online game Dodge Poo~~! online game Dodge Poo~~! online game Dodge Poo~~! online game Dodge Poo~~! online game

Dodge Poo~~! online game 描述

Android version 2.2 or later.
It is possible to choose between Button Mode and Gravity Mode.
top10 scores are stored in the ranking.
Network ranking system is established.
auto-orient is not supported.
Is optimized for GPU acceleration.
resoulution is optimized 480*800.
version 2.6.3
date 2012.11.03
-bug is modified.
version 2.5.5
date 2012.04.18
-bug is modified.
version 2.5.3
date 2012.04.10
-Adobe Air is updated to version 3.3.
version 2.4.7
date 2012.04.05
-the error occurred when total score is stored is modified.
version 2.4.3
date 2012.03.29
-Execution error is corrected.
version 2.4.1
date 2012.03.28
-intro image is added.
version 2.4.0
date 2012.03.27
-your cell phone is vibrating when you die.
version 2.3.3
date 2012.03.22
-bug is modified.
version 2.3.1
date 2012.03.21
-Is optimized for GPU acceleration.
version 2.2.0
date 2012.03.20
-Adobe Air is no longer needed.
version 2.1.3
date 2012.03.19
-bug is modified.
version 2.1.2
date 2012.03.15
-Network ranking system is established.
version 2.0.2
date 2012.03.13
-Sound is added.
version 2.0.1
date 2012.03.13
-Ranking ID's letter spacing has been corrected.
version 2.0.0
date 2012.03.12
-ranking system is established.
-The stage is added, and the level of difficulty is down.
version 1.2.8
date 2012.03.09
-level system is added.
-poo design is updated.
-background image is updated.
version 1.2.4
date 2012.03.08
-high score is always stored in DB.
-it is modified to button UI and control method.
-poo design is updated.
version 1.2.1
date 2012.03.07
-this game is optimized for all resolution.
version 1.1.2
date 2012.03.07
-design of menu is changed.
version 1.1.1
date 2012.03.06
-bug is modified.
version 1.1.0
date 2012.03.06
-background image is updated.
version 1.0.0
date 2012.03.06

Dodge Poo~~! online game 更新内容

version 2.6.3
date 2012.11.03
-bug is modified.

Dodge Poo~~! online game 历史版本

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Dodge Poo~~! online game 信息

休闲时间 全部游戏
Android 2.2.x 以上

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