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This is a FREE trial edition that allows you to evaluate the apps functionality on your phone. It only allows you to load and record for 60 seconds of the loaded mp3 file. Please upgrade to a paid edition to record full songs and unlock full functionality.
FreeStyle Recorder HDA - $2.99 USD
FreeStyle Recorder HDA Plus - $4.99 USD
-Load and record to any mp3.
-Records and saves at full cd quality (16 bit, 44.1 KHz)
-Export vocal recording to WAV file so you can import it to your favorite desktop mixing or editing software.
-export final mix of the beat with your vocals to WAV file.
-individual volume controls for beat and vocals for better mixing.
-built in SoundCloud file uploader to share your recordings.
-built in beat store
-Compatible with IK Multimedia iRig Microphone
Recording Instructions
1) Load your MP3 instrumental/beat using the "Load MP3" button. Play controls remain inactive until a file is loaded. 2) Enter in a name for your song in the box just to the right of the load button. This can be done any time before saving your mix or written lyrics but figured it would be helpful to mention this early as song and vocal exports as well as lyric writer files will save with the song name you enter. 3) Hit the "Play" button to listen to the beat and practice your song, or press the "Record" button to start recording. 4) Now if you don't like how your performance is going you can hit the "Cancel Rec" button to cancel the recording all together, or if you do like what you've recorded then you can hit the stop button and your recording will save. Allowing the instrumental to finish on its own will save your recording. This may require some time to finish depending on your device's speed and the length of the recording. 5) Once you have a recording you can listen back to it by hitting the "Play" button. Adjust the beat start time or voice start time if needed to line up the tracks, and the volume of each to mix your track (requires the track to be stopped before adjusting). 6) Export your mix or vocal by itself without the beat to a wav file saved on your SD card or device as needed. 7) Use the built in SoundCloud upload app to connect with your account and upload your final saved mixes and share them to the world. Wi-Fi connection is recommended for this. 8) Final saved mixes can be found on your SD card/device under "FreeStyleRecorder/Saved Songs." Saved vocal tracks are found under "FreeStyleRecorder/VocalExports."
TIP: For best recording results record in a quiet place and use headphones to minimize sound bleed into the microphone. Keep the phone a few inches away from you and run some tests to find out the best volume and latency settings for your device.
自由式记录HDA - 2.99美元美元
自由式记录HDA加 - 4.99美元美元
为拍 - 个人音量控制和唱功更好的混合。
- 内置在SoundCloud文件上传分享您的录音。
- 内置在店里拍
- 兼容IK多媒体的IRIG麦克风
1)装载你的MP3器乐/击败使用“加载MP3”按钮。播放控制保持非活动状态,直到文件被加载。 2)在名称框中你的歌只是为了Load按钮的右边输入。这可以节省你的混音或书面的歌词之前进行的任何时间,但想通这将是有帮助的提到这一点早在歌曲和声音的出口,以及歌词作家档案会保存你输入的歌曲名称。 3)点击“播放”按钮,听节奏和练习曲,或按“录音”按钮开始录制。 4)现在,如果你不喜欢你的表现会如何,你可以点击“取消录制”按钮,取消录音都在一起,或者如果你不喜欢你记录了什么,那么你可以按下停止按钮,录制将节约。让仪器来完成自身会保存您的录音。这可能需要一些时间,这取决于设备的速度和记录的长度来完成。 5)一旦你有一个记录,你可以通过点击“播放”按钮收听回去吧。调整,如果需要排队的磁道跳动的开始时间或语音启动时间,和每一个的体积混合的轨道(需要调整之前要停止的音轨)。 6)本身没有节拍根据需要保存在SD卡或设备中的wav文件导出混音或人声。 7)使用内置的SoundCloud上传的应用程序,就可以与您的帐户,并上传你的最后保存的组合和它们分享给全世界。推荐这个Wi-Fi连接。 8)最后保存的混合可以在你的SD卡/装置之下找到“FreeStyleRecorder /保存的歌曲。”保存的声乐曲目下找到“FreeStyleRecorder / VocalExports。”

FreeStyle Recorder HDA FREE 更新内容

version 2.0.12
streamlined the code for better performance.
Adobe AIR no longer required
sign up/login no longer required

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    FreeStyle Recorder HDA FREE

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Version 2.0.12
Android 2.3 以上
Google Play

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