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Pizza Panic (LITE)

Pizza Panic (LITE)

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Pizza Panic! Make it. Bake it. Se

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Pizza Panic (LITE) Pizza Panic (LITE) Pizza Panic (LITE) Pizza Panic (LITE) Pizza Panic (LITE) Pizza Panic (LITE)

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Pizza Panic! Make it. Bake it. Serve it. You are given a loan to start your pizza business and a certain amount of time to pay it back before Mr. Bill Collector comes and takes his investment back; possibly by force. You start your business off with a cool $500 in cash money to make a few initial purchases, or just jump right on in the game and start cooking! Armed with 3 different toppings and 2 ovens to start, all you need now is customers. You can purchase up to 6 additional toppings and 2 additional ovens in the shops, all of which rake in some much needed dough (pun intended). Choose from 6 boosts ranging from increased tips, faster ovens, extra time on the daily clock, and more!Tap a topping to add it to the pizza, tap again to remove it. Once an order is filled, its BAKING TIME! Watch your oven timers to serve a pie before it burns. Ovens also require routine tune ups! The more toppings and ovens you have, the crazier the game gets! Panic is sure to ensue as your eyes race across the board to catch everything before your business goes belly up! Can you stand the heat in this culinary chaos? Or will you fold under the pizza pressure?*GAME PROGRESS DOES NOT SAVE IN LITE VERSION*NOTE: Requires Adobe AIR

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Android 2.3.2 以上

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