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Devilry Huntress is a sign-swapping puzzler, similar to our game Jewellust. Medieval decorations and comic Halloween theme make the game stylish and funny. Swap and burst evil spirits to clean the Kingdom from devilry!
Devilry Huntress has:
- 40 levels
- 2 game modes
- various bonuses and power-ups
- 2 kind of bonus-games
- online score table
Note: you can find the free lite version of the game on Google Play to estimate gameplay.
In the history of the Five Counties the dark times have come. People have fled from their villages, lands have become infested with evil spirits and immortals. Many exorcists and vampire hunters have vanished in the struggle against the Dark Earl - the lord of the Central county, who has opened infernal gates and has become the master of immortals.
A young devilry huntress has been sent to stop the Dark Earl. One old cleric has revealed the secret of the immortals: every "dark nest" holds the magic plate with spells. Once created, they can not be destroyed, and the Dark Earl has scattered them over the Five Counties. Existance of "dark nests" depends on those plates. "Collect them all and you will put an end to the Dark Earl's power", - cleric said. Armed by this knowledge, devilry huntress goes to the Counties to clear lands with sacred fire.
***The Game Rules****
Exchange signs with each other to destroy a combination of 3 or more creatures of one kind. If you’ve burst four or more creatures at once, a bonus sign will appear. In campaign mode new bonuses become available as your journey goes.
To fight against evil you have flask of vampire blood. You must collect all the letters to get a plate before the "black blood" runs out.
You will visit 5 counties. From county to county you will travel through magic portals created by Dark Earl for his awful army. Fire lamps in right order to turn on the portal. For each county you have scrolling map where you'll find 8 evil nests. Some of them own magic plates, others do not.
At last you are in a heart of the Earl's sanctuary. You have all the magic plates with spells. Now you have to put them together to seal up an infernal gateway from which the Earl gets his power upon dead. But you need only 20 of 30 existing spells. Drag them into the magic circle - one by one. Wrong plate will throw away one spell from circle and you will have to try again and again.
Don't give up, future of Five Counties depends on you!
Sometimes it seems that it's impossible to win, but there are 9 bonus signs, a Pick Hammer and Defensive Pentagrams to help you on your way.
***Online scores***
Using ONLINE SCORES button from main menu you can see your own score in online rate table. When you look the rate table from your device (not from PC browser) you can see your score highlighted.
***Customer reviews about the game***
"Another great game from an awesome developer. I think I like this one even more than Jewellust"
"Best android game I've seen. Highly recommend."
"Lots of fun, great graphics and game play, highly recommended!"
"A devilishly delightful diversion!"
"Lots of fun! A++++!!!!!!"
"Absolutely awesome! Addictive!"
"Best. Gem. Game. Ever!"
- 40级
- 2种游戏模式
- 各种奖金和电源ups
- 2种奖金游戏
- 在线评分表
*** ***前言
在五个县的历史上黑暗的时代已经到来。人们从他们逃离村庄,土地已经成为滋生邪恶的精神和不朽。许多驱魔和吸血鬼猎人已经消失在对抗黑暗伯爵的斗争 - 环县的主,谁打开地狱的大门,成为神仙的主人。
一位年轻的devilry女猎手已发送停止黑暗的伯爵。一位老牧师道出了神仙的秘密:每一个“黑暗巢穴”拥有神奇的板法术。一旦创建,它们不能被破坏,黑暗伯爵他们分散在五个县。对“黑暗巢穴”存在性依赖于这些板块。 “收集所有这些,你就会杜绝黑伯爵的力量” - 牧师说。通过这些知识的武装,devilry女猎手转到县清土地使用神圣之火。
最后,你在伯爵的庇护的心脏。你把所有的魔板的法术。现在,你必须把它们放在一起封了一个地狱般的网关从中伯爵死时得到他的权力。但是,你只需要20 30现有的法术。它们拖动到魔圈 - 一个接一个。错板块将丢掉一个法术的圈子​​,你将不得不尝试一遍又一遍。
***电源UPS ***
网上*** ***得分

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  • 小昭 2011年2月28日

    買了,真的不錯玩,試玩版的音效聽不清楚,正式版蠻震撼的,I like it!

  • 文政 2011年2月25日


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  • Ally 2011年2月5日


  • jimmy 2010年11月25日