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ANDY (Siri like Assistant)

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ANDY (Siri like Assistant) ANDY (Siri like Assistant) ANDY (Siri like Assistant) ANDY (Siri like Assistant) ANDY (Siri like Assistant) ANDY (Siri like Assistant)

ANDY (Siri like Assistant) 描述

This is a free version of ANDY (Voice Assistant).
ANDY is an intelligent personal assistant, knowledge navigator and voice control software designed for Android devices (phones/tablets) with the fast growing user base (hundreds of thousands users & almost 50 thousand paying customers).
Andy can send text messages, initiate phone calls, give you directions and literally answer pretty much any question you throw at him. It covers most of Wikipedia information, but you can also ask about weather and time, get answers to algebra questions, do unit conversions. It's smart enough to answer questions even if English is not your first language, it's design to extract the most relevant information.
To ask a question or to give a command, tap the microphone button on the application home screen. Alternatively, you may give your device a little shake (this requires enabling the Shake Recording option) or simply just type your question manually to get the answer. Andy will recognize your voice and speech, search for the best possible answer and read it back to you in a clear voice. The answer will also be displayed on your device screen with additional details, including videos, urls and more description you can read if you feel like it.
Additionally, Andy also works with most A2DP Bluetooth headsets.
Just to name some of its voice features:
- Ask any question
- Call anyone in your address book
- Send email messages by voice
- Text message by voice & read your latest messages
- Get celebrity and famous people info
- Movie and Music questions
- Open installed Android Applications
- Control Android features and functions
- Browse Internet using voice
- Use calendar
- Get coordinates and location details (down to an address)
- Currency conversions and live exchange and stock rates
- Word definitions
- Covers device hardware details
- Get directions to a nearest place (restaurants, stores, etc)
- Supports distance measurements (from one place to another)
- Query live flight status
- Ask about coming holidays
- Provides interesting facts (science, medical, etc.)
- Support for live gold, silver, platinum and palladium spot price
- Ask any math related question
- Translate any English word or sentence to over 60 languages
- Play music on your device, etc.
You can even teach Andy your name, set alarms & wake up times, set reminders, get sport results, get sunset/sunrise (for any city), get date and time in any world city, calculate restaurant tips, and more...
You can even ask questions such as: 'Do I need an umbrella?', or ask Andy to how to spell words.
Give us a try!
Full list of all features is at: http://AndyForAndroid.com
Get ANDY (full version today) - Single payment & all future app updates free of charge (no subscriptions):
Check video demo on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ESpqt7iYes
IMPORTANT: Andy (Voice Assistant for Android), while similar in its functionality and often compared to Google Now, Apple Siri or Microsoft Cortana products, is not approved by, sponsored, affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by in any way officially connected with Google Inc., Apple Inc. or Microsoft Corporation.
Flippa: f05d603ddd
- 问任何问题
- 在地址簿中的人打电话
- 通过语音发送电子邮件
- 通过语音和文本消息阅读您的最新消息
- 获取名人和著名人物信息
- 电影和音乐的问题
- 打开安装Android应用程序
- 控制Android的特性和功能
- 浏览互联网使用语音
- 使用日历
- 获取坐标和位置的详细信息(降至地址)
- 货币兑换和现场交易和股票价格
- 字的定义
- 包括设备的硬件细节
- 获取到最近的地方(餐馆,商店等)
- 支持距离测量(从一个地方到另一个地方)
- 查询实时航班状态
- 询问有关即将到来的假期
- 提供有趣的事实(科学,医疗等)
- 实时黄金,白银,铂金和钯金现货价格支持
- 问任何相关的数学问题
- 翻译任何英文单词或句子,以超过60种语言
- 播放音乐设备等对
获取ANDY(完整版今天) - 一次性支付所有与应用程序的未来免费更新(无订阅)的:

ANDY (Siri like Assistant) 历史版本

  • ANDY (Siri like Assistant)

    ANDY (Siri like Assistant)

    版本:13.0x Free 高速下载
  • ANDY (Siri like Assistant)

    ANDY (Siri like Assistant)

    版本:12.8x Free 高速下载
  • ANDY (Siri like Assistant)

    ANDY (Siri like Assistant)

    版本:12.6x Free 高速下载
  • ANDY (Siri like Assistant)

    ANDY (Siri like Assistant)

    版本:12.4x Free 高速下载
  • ANDY (Siri like Assistant)

    ANDY (Siri like Assistant)

    版本:11.8x Free 高速下载

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13.0x Free
Android 2.3.3 以上

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