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IceTV - TV Guide Australia IceTV - TV Guide Australia IceTV - TV Guide Australia IceTV - TV Guide Australia IceTV - TV Guide Australia

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Join 200,000+ of Australians who downloaded IceTV’s TV Guide app as their preferred on-the-go TV guide for Android and iOS.
With the IceTV app you can see what’s on TV for the week ahead, search for shows, set keywords and favourites, create your own personalised TV guide, and much more. You can enable TiVo-type of recording features if yyou own a SKIPPA recorder from IceTV or by taking out a paid subscription for other recorder brands at www.icetv.com.au. Alternatively, just use the free features in our app.
Free Features:
* A full EPG that goes beyond 7 days for Australian free-to-air TV
* Comprehensive coverage of metro and regional areas in Australia
* Keyword Search – search for favourite shows, actors, directors
* Favourites – highlights when your favourite TV shows are on
* My Week - create your own personalised, easy-to-view TV guide
* Coming Soon - discover new shows and series months ahead of time
* Most Popular - see what shows are popular with other users
* Recommendations - a weekly pick of shows from which you view trailers and choose to record
For those with paid IceTV subscriptions (refer www.icetv.com.au) and a compatible Personal Video Recorder (PVR) or recording device, it gets even better. In addition to the above features you can schedule Smart Series Recordings and Keyword Recordings on your device at home while you are on the move. This makes IceTV the ideal TiVo replacement.
** Please note **
IceTV requires a quick & easy registration - even if you're just using the free features of our app. This is so that we can tailor the TV guide to your specific location and to ensure our proprietary EPG data is used securely on your mobile device.
Your privacy is a top priority and your details will be kept securely. IceTV does not share personal data with third parties.
*关键字搜索 - 搜索喜爱的节目,演员,导演
*我的最爱 - 亮点时,你最喜欢的电视节目上
*我的周 - 创建自己的个性化,易于查看电视指南
*预告 - 时间发现新的节目和系列未来数月
*最受欢迎 - 看什么节目都流行与其他用户
*建议 - 每周挑选节目,从中查看拖车和选择记录
** 请注意 **
IceTV需要一个快速简单的注册 - 即使你只是用我们的应用程序的免费功能。这使我们可以根据电视指南您的具体位置,并确保我们的专有EPG数据被安全使用您的移动设备上。
您的隐私是重中之重,你的信息将被安全保存。 IceTV不会与第三方分享个人信息。

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Improvements in version 1.28
* Republished app with SKIPPA ad removed

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