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YuNaTube 2

YuNaTube 2

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YuNaTube 2

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*** Although texts in screenshots are Korean, you will actually be able to use English text once you install the app *** YuNaTubr 2.0 is finally back since last upgrade. YuNaTube is a fan-made applicaiton dedicated to Olympic Champion Yu-Na Kim's competitive skating, ice shows, interviews, commercials, etc. This app provides all relevant clips as well as images and detailed information. In addition to previous YouTube feature, this version came back with more useful features needed by fans - a.k.a Dholes. Movie clips are from Yu-Na Kim's official youtube channel. Now, explore the Olympic Champion's amazing world with YuNaTube! FEATURES:✓ Yu-Na's profile, Wikipedia, Programs, Competitive results, Scores, Ranks, Awards and Charities✓ Automatically updated schedules(public)✓ YouTube player feature - New clips, random clips, greetings, competitions, ice shows, off the ice activities, Kiss and Cry, Jukebox, TV Appearances(Infinity Challenge, Guru Show)✓ Provides all pictures of Yu-Na via Flickr link✓ One-Touch search - Without having to entering keywords, you can directly search for Yu-Na on Youtube, Google, 다음, 네이버, and Bing✓ Relevant websites - direct links to official websites, fan pages, figure skating sites✓ Upgraded design features You can also access YuNaTube via http://www.yunatube.com. Enjoy YuNaTube! - Toronto Dhole - * Yuna Kim, Yu-Na Kim, Yu Na Kim, 김연아, 연아, 피겨, 스케이팅, 피겨스케이팅, Figure Skating

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Android 4.0.2 以上

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