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RFM Anote (notepad)

RFM Anote (notepad)

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RFM Anote (notepad) 截图

RFM Anote (notepad) RFM Anote (notepad) RFM Anote (notepad) RFM Anote (notepad) RFM Anote (notepad) RFM Anote (notepad)

RFM Anote (notepad) 描述

RFM A-Note: free and secure (you will never lost a note) Notepad text editor.

RFM Anote is a notepad, text editor for your Android device.

The actual version has: search, language selector, configurable and can be password protected.

Now, with RFM A-Note you can lock acces to your notes with password protection (v1.5) and, will never lost a note. With version 1.4, the app comes with integrated auto-save funcion to never lost a note.

RFM Anote is totally free, with no ads and with updates planned to add features such as: enhanced language support, search, synchronize and organize notes, etc.

RFM Anote properties:

- Notes administration (add., modf. and delete)

- Search (integrated with physical button)

- Notes sharing (email, sms, etc.)

- Customizable (text sizes, dialogs, etc.)

- Secure (auto-save function to never lost a note)

- Languages (automatic and selectionable)

- Works in all Android versions and density (up to 1.5 OS)

- Totally free (no banners, no ads., no malware)

- Themes (Skins)

- Application can be password protected

- Unicode (You can write with different alphabets on the same note)

- Backup (import and export data)

The next versions will have more functions.

RFM Anote (notepad) 更新内容

- Added sort by note

- Added note backup function

RFM Anote (notepad) 历史版本

RFM Anote (notepad) 使用技巧

RFM Anote (notepad) 信息

影音播放 收音机
Android 1.5.0 以上
RFM Software

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