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cBlocker - Call Blocker

cBlocker - Call Blocker

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cBlocker - Call Blocker cBlocker - Call Blocker cBlocker - Call Blocker cBlocker - Call Blocker cBlocker - Call Blocker

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The next generation "Call Blocker" app (cBlocker for short). The most capable Call Blocker app with a cloud component allowing you to control your phone remotely.FEATURES✔ Call Blocker uses smart-filtering to automatically identify unwanted calls✔ The only Call Blocker app that blocks both incoming and outgoing phone calls✔ Black list and white list✔ Privacy (Call Blocker hides calls and texts from your call log)✔ Back up contacts and call log✔ Transfer data to new phone automatically✔ Learns from what other users are blocking✔ CONTROL MULTIPLE PHONES REMOTELYWith Call Blocker you are now big brother. Manage the app from any PC with internet connection and control it remotely. You might use it to restrict or prevent unauthorized calls and texts.✔ FORWARD CALLSMake sure that someone picks up the phone when someone calls you. With cBlocker you can send all incoming phone calls to another phone on a given day and time.✔ SILENCE ALL SOUNDS ON SCHEDULERemember the time when your phone rang and rang endlessly during a quiet spot. With cBlocker you can set custom schedules to mute your phone at a given days and time. Perfect for movies, doctor visits, church, school, and restful nights.✔ ACCESS CALL LOGS FROM ANY PC OR TABLETCatch a little glimpse of all your calls you receive and make at all times with Call Blocker. Maybe as a way to control who calls your loved ones or the people who work for you.SPECIAL OFFER: Want a free 90-day platinum service license?Give us a 5-star rating with comments in the Android Market, then email us to cBlocker@cloud4apps.com with your Gmail address and a reference to your comment. Please be patient as we have to process these requests manually, we'll notify you once we activate the service for you.Call Blocker Gold users can now import the black list from the Manage\Import section of cBlocker

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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