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Black background / wallpaper

Black background / wallpaper

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Black background / wallpaper Black background / wallpaper Black background / wallpaper Black background / wallpaper

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Back2Black - Black Backgrounds & Black Wallpaper
Finally, the perfect all black background and pure black wallpaper!
When they say "Nothing is better," sometimes they really mean it!
- Simple, basic black; ultra-contemporary
- Makes all icons easy to see
- May reduce battery use on OLED devices
- Fastest possible performance
- Icons pop like dev intended
- Does not fight with icon colors
- Compatible with ALL launchers and home systems
- Smallest memory footprint -- on every device
- Cool, minimalist, ultra-modern feel
- Beautifully complements black phone hardware
(Makes screens with a black bezel appear bigger)
- Makes absolutely NO statement - cannot offend or inform
(That frou-frou background could thwart your career!)
- Compatible with every theme and widget
- Perfect for night-time use - won't annoy your partner
- Maximum contrast improves daylight viewing
- Inspired by pre-big-bang ethos
- Enjoyed by NASA astronauts in SPACE! (behind all stars)
- Totally compatible with fancy widgets, and simple widgets
- Can you believe something so simple has so many features?
To restore your old background or wallpaper, simply go to Settings | Display | Wallpaper settings
If this app isn’t everything you’d hoped for, please e-mail the dev at dev@pfirth.com instead of leaving a negative review. I might be able to fulfill your dreams.
[Note: Internet access is no longer required. It is a totally free app.]
Copyright © 2011-2015 - All rights reserved
Back2Black - 黑色背景和黑色壁纸
- 简单,基本的黑色;超现代的
- 使所有图标易见
- 可以减少对OLED设备的电池使用
- 最快的性能
- 图标弹出类似开发意图
- 不使用图标的颜色打
- 兼容所有发射器和家用系统
- 最小的内存空间 - 在每个设备上
- 酷派,极简主义,超现代的感觉
- 美丽搭配黑色的手机硬件
- 完全不会有什么说法 - 不能冒犯或通知
- 兼容所有的主题和插件
- 适合夜间使用 - 将不会惹恼你的伴侣
- 最大对比度提高了白天观看
- 由前大爆炸精神的启发
- 由美国航空航天局宇航员在太空中享用! (后面的所有星)
- 花哨的小部件,而简单的小部件完全兼容
- 你能相信这么简单的东西有这么多的功能?
版权所有©2011年至2015年 - 保留所有权利。

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手机美化 壁纸
Android 2.1.0 以上

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