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With more than 300 member companies, BioNJ is singularly focused on the growth and prosperity of New Jersey’s biotechnology cluster. Founded in 1994 by New Jersey industry CEOs, BioNJ serves as the voice of biotechnology companies located in New Jersey, seeks to advance their economic growth and development and works to encourage new and established companies from around the world to locate to New Jersey. BioNJ represents companies engaged in biopharmaceutical, biomedical, bioagricultural and bioremedial endeavors.

This app is designed to promote better professional networking among our members and others involved in building, funding, or supporting New Jersey biotechnology companies.

The best way to build a relationship is by a face-to-face meeting, and the best way to start new relationships is get out and put yourself in a place where you meet new people and get exposed to new ideas.

The BioNJ app shows you a wealth of biotechnology events happening around your area. Its search tools help you find exactly the right events for you.

Once you are at an event, you can use the app’s I’m Here feature to check into the event, see who else is there, and follow any online conversation about the event.

The BioNJ app is a new way to discover life sciences and biotech events happening in New Jersey. It was designed specifically for entrepreneurs and professionals looking to develop their business, their career, or their network.

Use it to keep up with the New Jersey biotechnology scene and meet and connect with potential investors, clients, employers, and colleagues. Lawyers, accountants, and sales reps will find this app a valuable tool for finding the best networking events.

The events are pulled from an ongoing feed of events from the web-based Basecamp Business Calendar Network. The app highlights upcoming BioNJ events, but events can be found for locations all across the U.S. Users can add their own events if they want to share them with the community.

Find the Events that Matter.

The Base page starts with listings of upcoming BioNJ events and conferences.

The Event Detail page shows you all you need to know about a particular event. You can see the event name, the presenting organization, the date and time, a description, a location, and (if available) contact information and web address. You can save an event for later recall, invite friends, save it to your phone’s calendar, say that you plan to attend, or go to the website for the event for more detail.

You can check into an event with the I’m Here button. This allows you to see Who’s Here at the event and it shows all the Twitter hashtags associated with the event and the conversations that are taking place online. You can follow multiple Twitter conversations simultaneously.

Meals highlights events that offer meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, or cocktails. It shows events for the next five days.

Search allows you to find events by keyword, by date, by distance from either your current location or a particular ZIP code. The Advanced search enables you to find events dealing with specific topics: Management Processes, Core Operating Processes, Industry, Issue, Event Format, Target Audience, Company DNA, or Team Related. You can save searches for repeated use.

Saved shows the events and the searches that you have saved for future reference. The display toggles between saved events and saved searches.

More allows you to:
• Manage your associated user profiles, including for email accounts, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the Calendar itself
• View the FAQ
• Give us feedback
• “Like” the Business Calendar Network on Facebook
• Tell a friend about the BioNJ App
• Review a history of the events you have attended, including the people who checked in and the Twitter conversations that took place around the event.

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* notification when you are at an event

* event rating 15 minutes after an event you have attended and checked into.

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