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CasaTunes Multi-Room Control

CasaTunes Multi-Room Control

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CasaTunes Multi-Room Control CasaTunes Multi-Room Control CasaTunes Multi-Room Control CasaTunes Multi-Room Control

CasaTunes Multi-Room Control 描述

This app is for older phones running Android 2.3 and earlier. For newer phones and tablets use the CasaTunes Home Audio Control app.
Requires CasaTunes Music Server Software. Trial version available at www.CasaTunes.com/downloads.
Please report any bugs to support@CasaTunes.com or call 888-855-2272, even if you use the Google reporting method, since more information helps us to find bugs and fix them quickly. Thanks!!
This app controls your CasaTunes Multi Room Music Server which plays your iTunes® and Windows Media® music and Internet music services in any room where you have wireless or wired speakers connected to the CasaTunes server.
- Uses Android® device's rocker volume control to control the selected room's volume
- Controls every CasaTunes room and room groups.
- Music selection from TuneIn®, SHOUTcast® and all your favorite premium music services, plus Windows Media music, iTunes and music on any iPod®(s) or iPhone® connected to the CasaTunes Music Server.
- Search for music in your disk based music or Internet Radio services, including using Voice Search.
- Set multiple wakeup schedules for each room. You can search across all of the music services or just one service.
- Set to turn off the room you are controlling after 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes (or immediately, of course).
- Create playlists using the queue of music you are currently listening to or from the currently playing radio station.
- Set maximum volume in each room to keep young ones from blasting you out of your home.
- Displays cover art and meta-data (song title, artist name, etc) for the room you are currently viewing/controlling.
- Power all rooms off at one time.
Please report any problems via email at support@CasaTunes.com or call us at 888-855-2272.
这个程序是为运行Android 2.3和更早版本较旧的手机。对于较新的手机和平板电脑使用CasaTunes家用音响控制的应用程序。
- 使用Android®设备的摇杆音量控制来控制所选房间的音量
- 控制每CasaTunes房间和房间组。
- 从TuneIn®,SHOUTcast®和所有您最喜爱的音乐溢价服务,再加上Windows媒体音乐,iTunes和音乐上的任何的iPod®(S)或iPhone®的音乐选择连接到CasaTunes音乐服务器。
- 搜索音乐在你的基于磁盘的音乐或互联网广播服务,包括使用语音搜索。
- 每个房间设置多个唤醒时间表。你可以在所有的音乐服务,或只是一个服务搜索。
- 设置为关闭你正在控制该室5,10,15,30或60分钟后(或立即,当然)。
- 创建用音乐目前您正在收听或从当前播放电台的队列播放列表。
- 在每个房间设置最大音量以保持年轻的爆你出你的家。
- 显示涵盖当前正在查看/控制室内艺术和元数据(歌名,歌手名称等)。
- 电源所有客房关闭一次。

CasaTunes Multi-Room Control 更新内容

4.19 Various small items for CasaTunes 4.60
4.17 Fixes sliders in Room Settings (Max Volume, Balance, etc)
4.15 Fixes volume control for AVRs and some audio systems.
4.12 Fixes a Samsung bug where volume control causes a force close in CasaTunes app.
Fixes startup bug in 4.11 (Sorry!)
4.10 Adds the ability to open volume control and use slider for devices without volume controls. Adds the ability to lock the app to a room (in Menu|Preferences in room view).

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Android 2.1.x 以上 , 2.3.4 以下

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