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aFitness Light

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aFitness Light aFitness Light aFitness Light aFitness Light aFitness Light

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Limited time offer Free aFitness Light has full spectrum of exercises.

aFitness is a comprehensive fitness program that encompasses all aspects of exercise and fitness. Whatever your preference, be it free- weights, machines, cable/rope devices, or body only workouts, such as Plates/Foam Roller, Yoga, or Stretching. Each exercise will have illustrations and detail descriptions. The exercises are divided into groups and allow users to work on specific muscles or muscle groups. We have also included a cardio section. aFitness will satisfy everyone from beginner to advanced. An easy tracking system is included to monitor your progress.

Our catalog is divided into two groups: primary and secondary muscles.

The program has the following exercise groups:

1. chest

2. arms

3. shoulders

4. back

5. legs

6. abdominals

7. stretches

8. palates

9. yoga

10. cardio

Also, you can exercise targeting specific muscles with our easy “exercise – by- muscle” option.

The AFitness application allows you to create an unlimited number of custom workouts. Custom workouts can be easily edited to suit any individual preference.

BMI Calculator and Weight Monitor

These two features allow you to review your day to day progress and successes.

If you have any questions, please contact us at dev@orangepixels.net


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Converter for metric and imperial units.

Graphic chart for tracking both body stats and exercise history

UI improvement,

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Android 2.1.0 以上
Orange Pixels

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