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1-click Recovery Flasher

1-click Recovery Flasher

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1-click Recovery Flasher 1-click Recovery Flasher 1-click Recovery Flasher

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1-click Recovery Flasher PLEASE READ LIST OF SUPPORTED PHONES. I made this application to make it super easy for n00bs to download and flash an updated custom (or stock) recovery onto their phone with just 1-click! - When opening the application, it will show an updated list of known recoveries for that phone model.- Choose a recovery: CWM, Amon_RA, or even Stock Recovery...- Click on "Flash" and the app will download the recovery for you (to SD card), ask for confirmation and flash it to your phone's recovery partition. - The phone must obviously be rooted prior to using the app (like you would need to root it to install manually There are some known issues that I'll fix (maybe), but they don't impact the app functionality:- the app will simply FC is you don't have network access (needed to download the list of recoveries).- the app won't check either if there is an SD card inserted Supported phones for now:- Motorola MB200: Cliq & Dext- Motorola MB300: Backflip- Motorola MB501: CliqXT & Quench- HTC Glacier: MT4g- LG GT 540 (you must have installed a custom rom first) ** If your phone is not stated above as supported: Don't download, neither rate 1 star #notfair. ** Unfortunately I can't support all and every phone you people may have, so please dont' send me requests to support your phone model **

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Android 1.5.0 以上

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