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Skip HTC Locations

Skip HTC Locations

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Skip HTC Locations Skip HTC Locations Skip HTC Locations

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This App lets you bypass HTC Locations and select a map application of your choice when you want to display a location out of your contacts or calendar. It is currently not the intention of this App to change the behaviour of the car dock mode. Some HTC phones have HTC Locations installed and force you to use it prior to Google Maps or other maps. So this App is relevant only for such HTC phones with HTC locations installed. On other devices it just doesn’t anything.Devices: HTC One X, HTC One S, HTC Sensation, HTC Desire HD, Desire Z, Desire S The App cannot be started manually. It is just registered to intercept the start of HTC locations under certain conditions.It does not consume battery or resources.HTC Locations can still be used if desired. Operation:On first use you are prompted to select either Location Picker (HTC) or Skip HTC Locations.If you check the checkbox for “use by default” and select Skip HTC Locations you will not be prompted again for this selection. You can directly select between Google Maps or other installed map applications instead.To undo the default selection, go to the Application settings of your phone, select this App and press the “Clear defaults” button.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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