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Akvelon CRM Tracker

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Akvelon CRM Tracker Akvelon CRM Tracker Akvelon CRM Tracker Akvelon CRM Tracker Akvelon CRM Tracker Akvelon CRM Tracker

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This app provides ability to add calls to Microsoft Dynamics CRM directly from your Android mobile phone.
- Easily track incoming and outgoing calls as Phone calls activity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM
- Ability to attach calls to the following records in Dynamics CRM: Account, Contact, Lead and User
- Add Voice Notes
- Create rules to automatically enable / disable call tracking for Contacts
- Busy? Add calls later from your Call Log
- Track calls offline - pending activities will automatically sync when internet connection is restored
- Compatible with all version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM (You must have an existing Dynamics CRM account!)
If you have issues configuring this application or getting access to your CRM - please contact us at crmtracker.support@akvelon.com before providing negative feedback. Would be happy to help you figure it out
This is 10-days fully functional trial version. You will need a purchase a valid license through Android market after grace period.
The most common issues and how to resolve them -
If you see message “Cannot connect with current credentials” - Make sure username and password are entered correctly. Try to add default CRM organization name to the URL, for example: https://crm2013.example.com/orgname.
If you see message when you login into CRM: Cannot resolve hostname for 'https://crmservername/orgname/XRMServices/2011/Organization.svc/web' - Ask you CRM administrator to verify the following: open CRM Deployment Manager > right click the “Microsoft Dynamics CRM” > select Properties > open the “Web address” tab. Make sure that address in the Organization Web Service field is equal to the address you entered in CRM Call Tracker app.
这个程序提供了能够直接从您的Andr​​oid手机中添加呼叫到Microsoft Dynamics CRM。
- 轻松跟踪呼入和呼出的电话呼叫活动在Microsoft Dynamics CRM
- 能够在Dynamics CRM中的呼叫连接到下面的记录:客户,联系人,铅和用户
- 添加语音注释
- 创建规则来自动启用/禁用呼叫跟踪联系
- 忙?后来从您的呼叫记录添加通话
- 轨道调用离线 - 当恢复互联网连接挂起活动将自动同步
- 兼容所有版本的Microsoft Dynamics CRM(您必须有一个现有的动态CRM帐户!)
如果您有配置该应用程序和进入你的CRM问题 - 请提供负反馈之前与我们联系crmtracker.support@akvelon.com。会很乐意帮助你看着办吧
最常见的问题以及如何解决这些问题 -
如果您看到消息的“不能连接当前的凭据” - 确保用户名和密码输入正确。尝试添加默认CRM组织名称的URL,例如:https://crm2013.example.com/orgname。
 如果您看到消息,当您登录到CRM:无法解析主机名内的“https://crmservername/orgname/XRMServices/2011/Organization.svc/web” - 询问你的CRM管理员可以验证以下内容:开放式的CRM部署管理器>右键单击“Microsoft Dynamics CRM中”>选择属性>打开“网络地址”选项卡。确保本组织的Web服务领域地址等于你在CRM呼叫跟踪应用程序中输入的地址。

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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