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Augmented Traffic Smart Watch

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Augmented Traffic Smart Watch Augmented Traffic Smart Watch Augmented Traffic Smart Watch Augmented Traffic Smart Watch Augmented Traffic Smart Watch Augmented Traffic Smart Watch

Augmented Traffic Smart Watch 描述

Check out the awesome Top 50 Producitiity App - Augmented SmartWatch Pro app also for the Sony SmartWatch.
Trial version @ http://bit.ly/11pnamX
AugmentedTrafficSmartWatch is a LiveWare extension for SmartWatch. It will automatically show real-time traffic camera images based on your current location of your Sony SmartWatch.
Prerequisites to using:
Android smart phone;
Sony SmartWatch
Sony LiveWare app running on Android
AugmentedTrafficSmartWatch 1.0 or later from market
AugmentedTrafficViews 3.7 or later from market - note it is possible to run without this app, but it would only be for a limited set of images or if you wish you can customize the images to display with your own (e.g. home security monitoring)
Note traffic camera data is only relevant for selected areas in the UK, US and Canada. Real estate data is for Canada.
The app has three running modes:
Mode 1) Preset mode - you can use Augmented Traffic Views to automatically set the traffic camera presets (or, optionally you can create your own alk8.txt file as described below to cycle through your own images - for example your home security cameras, etc).
Mode 2) Closest mode - Uses current location to figure out closest traffic camera images (requires Augmented Traffic Views to be installed); I could allow for a second user-customized selection of images instead as an option here - email me if you think it useful (right now if you do NOT have Augmented Traffic Views installed then you will never get to this mode)
Mode 3) Real-Estate mode - Uses current location (also required Augmented Traffic Views to be installed). I could easily change this to a 3rd custom stream, if there is demand for this.
User Commands:
Swipe Up - Exit
Swipe Down - Switch between modes (preset->closest->Real Estate)
Swipe Right - Pause/Resume auto-scrolling - regardless of mode
Swipe Left - if in real estate mode, will show more details on phone in browser, else will toggle auto-scrolling.
Requires Version 3.7 of Augmented Traffic Views
Menu -> more -> SmartWatch - Save Closest
use this command to save the current location for the preset mode (and the 10 cameras around your current location will be saved)
Tip: I suggest you set the presets when you are driving away from your current desired area of interest and to use smart mode enabled within the Augmented Traffic Views app. This will then allow you to see automatically the traffic cameras that you always pass by when you drive home (or whatever the desired location you want to preset to). This way you only see the cameras that you actually pass by (rather than all cameras around the location, that you may not pass by). This is one key benefit of enabling Smart Mode (which is set enabled by default) within the Augmented Traffic Views app (not a widely known feature in the app).
If you want to show your own images from the internet, you can.
The local file File(Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory() + "/alk8.txt" can be used to store user generated images as follows:
each image has two lines:
Line 1 - Name of image (or location) - shown at top of display on Sony SmartWatch
Line 2 - URL of image
repeat the two lines for each image to display - app will read in data for a maximum of 20 images.
Note: This application will not be shown on your phone application screen. Access application settings via LiveWare™ manager, where you can also enable or disable this application.
LiveWare™ extension for SmartWatch
Please see augmentedtraffic.wordpress.com for the latest information and updates (and sneak previews)
See http://augmentedtraffic.wordpress.com/2012/03/31/sony-smart-watch-observations/ for my other SmartWatch app that is effectively a generic notification mechanism for the Sony SmartWatch (if you are willing to set up the triggers via something like Tasker)
离开真棒顶部50 Producitiity的应用程序 - 增强的SmartWatch Pro的应用程序也为索尼SmartWatch的。
的SmartWatch AugmentedTrafficSmartWatch是一个活件的扩展。它会自动显示基于您目前的位置您的索尼SmartWatch的交通摄像头的实时图像。
从市场AugmentedTrafficSmartWatch 1.0或更高版本
从市场的AugmentedTrafficViews 3.7或更高版本 - 注意它是没有这个程序可以运行,但它只会是有限的一组图片,或者如果你愿意,你可以自定义图像来显示自己的(如家庭安全监控)
模式1)预设模式 - 您可以使用增强的流量视图,自动设置交通摄像头预置(或你可以创建自己的alk8.txt的文件如下所述周期通过自己的影像 - 例如您的家庭安全监控摄像机等)。
模式2)最近的模式 - 使用当前位置,找出最接近的交通摄像头的图像(需要安装增强交通浏览),我可以让第二个用户自定义选择的图像,而不是作为一个不错的选择 - 给我发电子邮件,如果你认为它有用(现在,如果你没有安装增强交通次数,那么你将永远不会得到这种模式下)
模式3)不动产模式 - 使用当前位置(也需要增强交通要安装的次数)。我可以很容易地改变一个第三的自定义数据流,如果有这样的需求。
向上轻扫 - 退出
向下滑动 - 切换模式(预设最接近>房地产)
向右滑动 - 暂停/恢复自动滚动模式 - 无论
向左滑动 - 如果在房地产模式,将显示更多细节上的手机浏览器,否则会自动滚动切换。
菜单 - >更多 - > SmartWatch的 - 保存最近的
本地文件文件(Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory()+“/ alk8.txt”可以用来存储用户产生的图像,如下所示:
1号线 - 图像(或位置)的名称 - 索尼SmartWatch的显示在显示器顶部
2号线 - 图像的URL
重复每个图像显示两条线 - 应用程序将读取最多20幅图像的数据。

Augmented Traffic Smart Watch 更新内容

Check out the awesome Top 50 Producitiity App - Augmented SmartWatch Pro app also for the Sony SmartWatch.
Trial version @ http://bit.ly/11pnamX
1.2 - Further tweaks to vibration notification when network conditions are poor/slow
- No network message when not connected to network
1.1 - Change text color to white to stand out better
- Tweaked real estate information
- Updated start-up info splash screen

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交通导航 系统工具
Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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