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Military Campgrounds RV Parks

Military Campgrounds RV Parks

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Military Campgrounds RV Parks Military Campgrounds RV Parks Military Campgrounds RV Parks Military Campgrounds RV Parks Military Campgrounds RV Parks Military Campgrounds RV Parks Military Campgrounds RV Parks Military Campgrounds RV Parks Military Campgrounds RV Parks Military Campgrounds RV Parks

Military Campgrounds RV Parks 描述

The camping app that lets you find US Military Campgrounds and RV Parks (FamCamps) and those that invite active military to stay for free. Extensive map filters let you view only what you want to see.
This app is provided free and without ads as a thank you to current and former military personnel.
Unique features include:
➤A true universal ad-free app for phones and tablets.
➤Map view plots points on the fly as you scroll anywhere.
➤Filter the map by amenities.
➤Data is stored locally for speed and always accessible.
➤Lookup data by type, state and city even without service.
➤Photo and review searches that use the power of the entire web and not one source.
➤NOAA weather based on GPS of camp, not cities or airports.
- Over 200 US Military campgrounds
- Over 165 "Tents For Troops" campgrounds ( The campgrounds in this program pledged to offer at least 2 nights free for active military, including Reserves and National Guard, and members of their immediate family only. Just filter out if not now active military.)
✔Official website, phone number, directions, what kind of military credentials are needed, open season, rate range, sites, hookups, amps, big rigs access, tents or no tents, clubs, water, showers, toilets, tables, playground, laundry, propane, pet-friendly, RV dump station, storage, firewood and internet access.
Just about everything in the app can be added or removed with your map view. See only tent places with showers; RV parks with a playground and 50 amp. You pick!
Parts of this app will always work and provide useful information. The data is stored on your phone while the app uses GPS, so constantly calling upon a website for information is not necessary. This is great for improving speed when you’re in remote places.
** This app is a subset of the data for Camp and RV Ultimate which is a full time project built for campers by campers providing camping data for over 14 years.
** Cell service is required for full GPS. Internet required for maps.
Questions or requests? Email: apps@allstays.com for a fast and personal reply.
- 超过200名美军露营地
- 超过165个“帐篷部队”露营地(在本方案中承诺提供至少2个晚上免费为现役军人,包括储备和国民警卫队的露营地,他们的直系亲属才刚刚过滤掉,如果现在不积极的军事。 )

Military Campgrounds RV Parks 更新内容

- Use LOC button to turn your location/tracking on and off
- Data update as always
- New pin design for more device resolutions
- Rebuilt with newest Google maps and features
- Terrain view, Tap to zoom, two finger zoom out, tilt
If you like all the free improvements, please review the app.
We listen. If you have any problems or requests, please email apps@allstays.com right away.

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Android 4.0.3 以上

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