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NDay Anniversary Calendar Free

NDay Anniversary Calendar Free

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NDay Anniversary Calendar Free NDay Anniversary Calendar Free NDay Anniversary Calendar Free NDay Anniversary Calendar Free NDay Anniversary Calendar Free NDay Anniversary Calendar Free

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Remember unique moments of your life with N-Day Anniversary Calendar!

N-Day Anniversary Calendar: the easiest way to remember the future, the smartest way to revive unique moments of your life and plan anniversary celebrations...TURN TODAY IN A SPECIAL DAY!

Don't miss to congratulate your best friends on their birthdays!

Are you the unfortunate, out there, who recently forgot an anniversary? N-Day remembers you most memorable happenings on your life calendar, so you'll not miss the chance to call, send something nice, prepare a special surprise or organize the lifetime journey to celebrate the magic ...
N-Day Anniversary Calendar reminders will make a habit from remembering you days which were important turning points in your love affair, whether first date, first romantic dinner, first "I love you", engagement or wedding day, as well as recall many other milestones that roll around on your life calendar, such as your first day of school, graduation day.

Revive unique moments from your life and celebrate your lucky numbers.

When someone asks: "What day is today?"
You can countdown your memorable anniversaries in many different time units, and say:
1000 days anniversary ... from my wedding
777 weeks anniversary ... from my first date
123 months anniversary ... from my graduation
With N-Day Anniversary Calendar, make a habit of celebrating good moments ... all time. Recall memorable moments of your life and turn today in a special day!

You've been proposed on a gold autumn day ... reaffirm your love and celebrate your engagement lucky number, which will eventually fall on a frizzed winter day ... Book a room in the castle tower and drink the magic nectar with your prince charming.

We are seldom happy whenever we are alone ... Being broken up from your love doesn’t mean the end of the affair... Calculate the N-Day from your separation day and have a reason to call your love and make an invitation to the dream-come-true concert or send MMS with your favorite photo ... just to remember the good times!

You're for months on tour or on the road, but you don't want to miss your specials ... N-Day makes sure you won't miss to congratulate your best friends on their birthdays, send flowers to your wife at your engagement anniversary or send a digital card to your best mate at 10 years anniversary from graduation!

So, whenever you desire the smartest anniversary calendar ... N-Day Anniversary Calendar is the best tool for remembering you the future!

Guaranteed: This application is free of ads, adverts, viral advertising.

+ Record special events, life milestones to remember and celebrate in the future
+ Link any anniversary calendar record to any contact from address book
+ Notes to add extra information to your calendar records
+ Lovely default images to personalize your calendar records

+ Personalized reminders (round numbers, name lucky numbers, date of birth lucky numbers, fatidic numbers) to your calendar records
+ Anniversaries reminders in many different time units: day(s), week(s), month(s)
+ Yearly reminder option for all anniversary calendar records

+ Intuitive upcoming anniversaries list display
+ Fast buttons to Call/SMS/MMS/Email related to an upcoming anniversary
+ Intuitive and elegant interface
+ Customizable notification time according to own daily schedule
+ Customizable notification behavior (Status bar, alert dialog) and ringtones

Note: If you experience any problems on any device, please contact us directly at support@altrontech.com. We are unable to help if you only leave a comment on the Android Market.

Trail version limitation:
- One calendar record (Anniversary or First...)
- One reminder

In other features and characteristics, trial version is identical to full version.

Caution: Please evaluate trial version before purchasing the full version to ensure that N-Day works properly on your device and satisfies your needs. No refund for purchased full version.

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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