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Lock Home Checklist

Lock Home Checklist

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Lock Home Checklist Lock Home Checklist Lock Home Checklist Lock Home Checklist Lock Home Checklist Lock Home Checklist

Lock Home Checklist 描述

Heading out of town?

Wondering - Did I lock the door? Took care of the trash?

Is this you everytime heading out on a business trip or a vacation? Well no more, Lock Home Checklist is an easy way to keep track of things to do before heading out.

This checklist is just a reference list provided for easy access. In no way should this list be treated as safety or security list for you or your house or any other person or objects or living beings. Users should use their own judgement in regards to what needs to be done for securing their property/ home/ residence etc or any individuals/ people/ living beings. Users are free to add or remove any item from the checklist based on their requirements and conditions.

Don't forget to check the list when you travel or leave home, whether on vacation or business and enjoy peace of mind.

Lock Home Checklist 更新内容


- Launched first version

- Add, modify or delete checklist items.

- Progress bar lets you easily track the status of your checklist from red to green.

- Multiple themes available.

Watch out for our upcoming TO DO TASKS list, with great new features.

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Android 2.1.0 以上
Ambizz Technologies

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