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*** Thank You All! Dear All, Thanks a lot! We are touched by your Comments and Ratings. *** *** NEW QUOTES ADDED, NOW WITH OVER 600 QUOTES *** *** NEW LOVE THEME AND LOVE QUOTES ****** DESIGNED TO ADJUST UI BASED ON TAB OR PHONE *** There are some quotes which inspire youThere are some which make you smileThere are some quotes which make you thinkThere are some which stay a while These Quotes for Life are there to keepFor ever and ever in mindSo spread them across to all you knowCoz its blissful to be kind. Presenting a collection of 333 Quotes. Please share and rate this app and spread not just happiness, but a great way to live a true life! ***** Laura on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at 16:13 DELIGHTFUL I absolutely love waking up and checking my "Daily Bliss". The quotes are so refreshing, and oddly true. ***** Deanna on Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 20:31Life Quotes... Beautiful design, colors are rich! These awesome quotes have touched my life in so many different ways... the soul is the main core. Excellent, superb application!! A must have... you'll never know when a quote of words will touch your spirit & soul. Awesome work producers!!! ***** Note from the Author:Thank You All! Dear All, Thanks a lot! I am touched by your Comments and Ratings. I never thought I will have so many people like what I write. I am humbled by your reviews and am greatly thankful to All of You who are going through the App daily and making their Life peaceful, happy and inspiring. Please keep forwarding this application to all you can and maybe someone will want to publish them all into a Book, and it will reach millions of people and affect their lives the way it is affecting yours. Thank you all so much for appreciating my work. May the Almighty Nature Bless You All. Best Regards, Varun Ish Nanda Author- Quotes For Life.

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