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F-Button Lite for HTC ChaCha

F-Button Lite for HTC ChaCha

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F-Button Lite for HTC ChaCha F-Button Lite for HTC ChaCha F-Button Lite for HTC ChaCha F-Button Lite for HTC ChaCha

F-Button Lite for HTC ChaCha 描述

This application lets you configure the Facebook button of your HTC ChaCha. No root access required — simply install the application and choose what the button should do. It is possible to configure separate actions for short-click and long-press events.
This is a free application with a limited number of configurable actions. If you need more functions, such as starting arbitrary applications or controlling phone's media player, feel free to acquire the full version.
How to use:
Once you install the application, click the Facebook button. The phone will ask you whether it should launch "Custom F-Button action" or "Facebook for HTC Sense" (see screenshots). Check the "Use by default for this action" option, and then click "Custom F-Button action". Now you can choose what should be done when you click the Facebook button. Repeat the same for the long press, and you are done.
For questions, issues and feature requests, please use this forum thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1440515
Known issues:
- Most probably will not work on AT&T Status and HTC Salsa.
- Requires firmware version 1.23 or higher (check yours in Settings - About phone - Software information - Software number).
- Some applications (such as Gallery, Camera and Opera Mini) override the Facebook key internally, so it might not be possible to detect short clicks of the Facebook button in these applications. However, long press should always be detected correctly.
Use of permissions:
- Create Bluetooth connections, Bluetooth administration: to turn Bluetooth on/off.
- Change Wi-Fi state: to turn Wi-Fi on/off.
- Camera (Take pictures and videos): to turn on the camera's LED flash (Flashlight function).
- View network state, Change network connectivity: to toggle mobile data.
- Modify global system settings: to change screen brightness.
Polish localization - Krzysztof Lojowski
Facebook button for HTC ChaCha, HTC Cha Cha, custom key mapping, FB remap

F-Button Lite for HTC ChaCha 更新内容

Version 1.09Changed icon because Facebook politely asked to.Version 1.08Faster opening after long inactivity period.Minor interface changes.Version 1.07Added "Change screen brightness" function.Version 1.06Added "Toggle mobile data" function.Version 1.05No more flashlight blinking on orientation change.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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