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Karaoke - Sing Me (Free/Lite)

Karaoke - Sing Me (Free/Lite)

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Karaoke - Sing Me (Free/Lite) 截图

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Karaoke - Sing Me (Free/Lite) 描述

You want absolutely to keep a song in mind or just to have fun with your favourite songs...
Karaoke - Sing Me allows you to play most of the common Karaoke formats!
Place your music and your karaoke files on your device, add them to the library and...don't hesitate to sing!!!
Note: this version is limited to 30 sec of playback for mp3+lrc and mp3+cdg karaoke files, and have no limits for MIDI/KAR files.
Karaoke Sing Me supports:
- MIDI e Kar, that are the most common karaoke files, and they are files containing both audio and lyrics!
- MP3+G: the graphical Karaoke format which includes a CD+G file (usually extracted from special Karaoke CDs) and an associated MP3.
- MP3+LRC: the lyrics are stored in a LRC file, associated to an MP3 file, like the MP3+G. It supports the "Enhanced LRC format", too!
Karaoke Sing Me also includes:
- The automatic search for LRC files on "http://www.antosdr.it/KaraokeSingMe/" for single mp3 with no lyrics associated with it(my LRC database is young so it does not contain lot of file: please, don't leave bad comments for this because lot of LRC files can be found on the web, too).
- MIDI tools: (click the button on the left bottom corner of the screen to get access to them)
1) when you open a MIDI or KAR file, the best suitable encoding is automatically detected, but if the encoding is wrong you can also select a correct one in the lyrics panel; UNICODE Karakan & folksKJ format is also supported(Thanks to Phuoc for its support!);
2) in the channels panel, you can see all playing MIDI channels and you can also disable one or more of them;
3) in the tone panel you can change the key note/tone of current playing file.
- Create or edit playlists.
- Browse all of your media files using the Artist/Album/Genre filters.
- Open zip file in the Karaoke Archive(the quality of this feature depends on your Android version).
- Added support for cloud services but Dropbox and Google Drive™ are currently available only in the Karaoke - Sing Me paid version!
- Personalize lyrics font.
- Personalize the playback background with:
1) A predefined theme;
2) An image from your sd card;
3) A set of images taken from a folder of your sd card! They will fade one to another, like a professional Karaoke machine does!
- Enable the autoplay of the next track, for the kind of list of files you want, in the preferences panel.
- Share/Send the file your are going to play.
- Include a song in the Karaoke archive directly from your file manager or media player using the send/share action.
And much more!
Coming Soon**********************
- Google Drive and Dropbox support
- Other user requests
You don't know how to find Karaoke files? No problem! Integrated within the app, there are various tools useful to find on the web the Karaoke files you are looking for!
If you experienced problems with a karaoke file, mail it to me, so I can further improve my app!
If you got troubles using this app, read carefully the help panel, or join discussions on the Karaoke Sing Me Facebook page, or mail to me and I provide has soon as possible to help you.
Tags: Karaoke, MP3+G, CDG, CD+G, LRC, MIDI, KAR, Karaoke player, Lyrics.
卡拉OK - 唱歌给我听,您可以播放大多数的常见格式的卡拉OK!
注意:此版本仅限于30秒,播放的MP3 + LRC和MP3 + CDG卡拉OK文件,并且没有限制的MIDI / KAR文件。
- MIDIê嘉,这是最常见的卡拉OK文件,它们是包含音频和歌词文件!
- MP3 + G:图形化的卡拉OK格式,包括CD + G的文件(通常是特殊的卡拉OK光盘中提取)和相关的MP3。
- MP3 + LRC:歌词被存储在一个LRC文件,相关联的MP3文件,如MP3 + G。它支持“Enhanced LRC格式”呢!
- 自动搜索LRC文件的“http://www.antosdr.it/KaraokeSingMe/”与没有相关的歌词单MP3(我LRC数据库是年轻,所以它不包含很多文件:请不要“吨离开这个差评,因为很多的LRC文件可以在网络上找到,太)。
- MIDI工具:(点击屏幕左下角的按钮,可以访问它们)
  1)当你打开一个MIDI或KAR文件,最合适的编码自动检测,但如果编码是错误的,你也可以选择一个正确的歌词面板; UNICODE Karakan&folksKJ格式,也支持(感谢福的支持!);
- 创建或编辑播放列表。
- 用歌手/专辑/流派器浏览您所有的媒体文件。
- 在卡拉OK存档打开zip文件(此功能的质量取决于你的Andr​​oid版本)。
- 我唱付费版本 - 增加了对云计算服务,但Dropbox的和谷歌驱动器™是目前仅在卡拉OK可用的支持!
- 个性化设置歌词字体。
- 个性化的播放背景:
- 启用下一首曲目的自动播放,对于那种你想要的文件的列表,在首选项面板。
- 分享/发送您要播放的文件。
- 直接从文件管理器或使用发送/股的行动媒体播放器包含在卡拉OK档案的一首歌。
- 谷歌驱动器和Dropbox支持
- 其他用户请求
标签:卡拉OK,MP3 + G,戴高乐,CD + G,LRC,MIDI,KAR,卡拉OK播放器,歌词。

Karaoke - Sing Me (Free/Lite) 更新内容

- The LRC format is now fully supported for this free version too, and the CDG limit as been moved to 50 sec!
- Now it's possible to browse the current playlist in an easier way.
- Added the autoplay feature: next track automatically starts when the current ends.
- Improved the search in the files browser, the range of "customizable font size" is now wider and other various improvements.
- Fixed help panel visibility issues and other various bugs.

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影音播放 音乐
Android 2.1.0 以上

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