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AOL: Mail, News & Video

AOL: Mail, News & Video

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AOL: Mail, News & Video AOL: Mail, News & Video AOL: Mail, News & Video AOL: Mail, News & Video AOL: Mail, News & Video AOL: Mail, News & Video

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Stay informed, entertained and in touch with the AOL app.
Get fast-loading AOL Mail, trending videos and today’s headlines from your smartphone with the AOL app. Receive instant push notifications for breaking news and real-time email messages. Plus, check your AOL email, send messages, manage your inbox and access all your AOL and phone contacts. All that AOL brings you, now better than ever.
AOL Mail: Fast-loading, with new tools that save you time
- Instantly manage your AOL Mail from anywhere
- Access all your AOL and phone contacts easily, in one place
- Swipe to delete, move, mark or flag emails
- Tap just once to empty all trash and spam
AOL News: Today’s news, sports, weather and trending headlines - all in the AOL app
- Read news and stories from popular sites like MovieFone, TechCrunch, StyleList, The Huffington Post, Daily Finance and AOL Sports
- Select the categories that matter most to you to personalize your news stream
- Get instant push notifications for breaking news stories
AOL Video
- Whether it’s informative or for a quick LOL, enjoy video clips about what interests you most
- Find the top news stories, hottest entertainment buzz, and even funny pet videos
- Share your favorites with family and friends via AOL email, Facebook and Twitter
- Share articles, videos and more via AOL email, Facebook and Twitter
- Tap to check weather in your location
获取快装AOL Mail中,从智能手机的应用程序AOL视频的趋势,今天的头条新闻。收到突发新闻和实时电子邮件即时推送通知。另外,检查你的电子邮件,AOL,发送邮件,管理你的收件箱和访问所有的AOL和电话联系。所有AOL带给你,现在比以往任何时候都好。
  - 即时随时随地管理您的AOL邮件
  - 访问所有的AOL和手机通讯录轻松,在一个地方
  - 刷卡删除,移动,标记或标志的电子邮件
  - 点击只是一次清空所有的垃圾箱和垃圾邮件
AOL新闻:今天的新闻,体育,天气和趋势的头条新闻 - 所有在AOL应用程序
  - 阅读新闻和热门网站如MovieFone,TechCrunch的,StyleList,赫芬顿邮报,每日财经和AOL体育故事
  - 选择对您最重要的类别,以个性化的新闻流
  - 获取即时推送通知的突发新闻报道
  - 无论是信息还是一个快速LOL,享受视频剪辑什么最吸引你
  - 寻找头条新闻,最热的娱乐嗡嗡声,甚至搞笑的宠物视频
  - 分享通过AOL的电子邮件,Facebook和Twitter您的收藏夹与家人和朋友
  - 分享文章,通过AOL电子邮件,Facebook和Twitter的视频和更多
  - 点击您的位置来检查的天气

AOL: Mail, News & Video 更新内容

Watch videos and chill!
You can now watch videos directly in ‘My Feed’ without having to open a news story. If you’d rather go into an article to watch a video, we’ve got you covered too! Videos in articles now auto-play so you can lean back and binge on the latest news stories!
While we were at it, we fixed some crashes, squashed many bugs and made the app snappier.

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Android 4.1 以上

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