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MegaMillions (Free)

MegaMillions (Free)

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MegaMillions (Free) MegaMillions (Free) MegaMillions (Free)

MegaMillions (Free) 描述

Convenient way to check MegaMillions numbers to see how much you won!

MY MEGAMILLIONS is a must have app, it is simple and easy to use. If you play MEGA MILLIONS, you will use this app a lot. Please note that this app can only process one set of numbers at a time. It does have a save feature that only saves one set of number. Here is a brief description of what the app is all about.

Displays the Latest Winning Numbers, just few minutes after the draw. The App Will check your numbers and tells exactly how much u've won by just one click

and show your winning numbers. You dont have to go through your numbers anymore and compare what you won, this app will do all the work for you. You can check all the previous drawing result.

MegaPlier option is available if needed. Every time you play, or enter your numbers manually, the App will automatically set the date to the most recent drawing date.

Customized touch based screen input to enter all your numbers easily. Its way faster than scanning the numbers.

The App is reliable and accurate. Every attempt is made to ensure that the Winning numbers is accurate.

Thank you for supporting us. We will continue enhancing the app to make it better. Enjoy the free version.

MegaMillions (Free) 更新内容


Fixed application bugs, and added notification feature, so the application notifies you when the draw is complete.

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Application Architects LLC

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