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My Wines - wine cellar (free)

My Wines - wine cellar (free)

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My Wines - wine cellar (free) My Wines - wine cellar (free) My Wines - wine cellar (free) My Wines - wine cellar (free) My Wines - wine cellar (free)

My Wines - wine cellar (free) 描述

You have a wine cellar but you have some difficulties to manage it ?
You like wine but you can’t remember good wines that you’ve already drink ?
You want to share your cellar with friends and conversely?
So, this app is made for you !
That’s what you can do with it :
- You can scan all your bottles to have a specific idea of your wine cellar and manage it with effectiveness.
- You can also sort your wines by varietal, rating, year, price and do a search by using same critera.
- You can create several wine cellars. For example, a bordeaux cellar, bourgogne, or wines you want to buy.
- If you taste a good wine in a restaurant of at friends, scan it ! Then you can recognize it easily.
- You can also export your wine cellar on a SD cart.
- You can send your wine list by mail and open it in an excel sheet.
- In order to recognize wine that you have, you can take a picture of the wine bottle.
- Finally, to manage better your wine cellar, you can rate every wine that you have drink and share these ratings with other users.
Now, you can synchronize this app between several mobiles and devices (tablet). Additionally, you can send a wine by mail (text or PDF).
So, if you want a good management for your wine cellar, you must have this app !

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Create your custom fields in reports, manage all drop-downsDisplay charts

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Android 2.0.0 以上

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