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My Wines - wine cellar (free)

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My Wines - wine cellar (free) My Wines - wine cellar (free) My Wines - wine cellar (free) My Wines - wine cellar (free) My Wines - wine cellar (free) My Wines - wine cellar (free)

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You have a wine cellar but you have some difficulties to manage it ?
You like wine but you can’t remember good wines that you've already drink ?
You want to share your cellar with friends and conversely?
So, this app is made for you !
That’s what you can do with it :
- You can scan all your bottles to have a specific idea of your wine cellar and manage it with effectiveness.
- You can also sort your wines by varietal, rating, year, price and do a search by using same critera.
- You can create several wine cellars. For example, a bordeaux cellar, bourgogne, or wines you want to buy.
- If you taste a good wine in a restaurant of at friends, scan it ! Then you can recognize it easily.
- You can also export your wine cellar to Excel or CSV.
- You can create custom items in the reports and manage your drop-downs.
- In order to recognize wine that you have, you can take a picture of the wine bottle.
- Finally, to manage better your wine cellar, you can rate every wine that you have drink and share these ratings with other users.
- You can lock the edit mode with a password: your app is then a wine list that you can show in your restaurant.
- this app is linked to My Caddie, when you need to buy a wine you can just send it to My Caddie.
- You can translate the app in your language by yourself.
Now, you can synchronize this app between several mobiles and devices (tablet). Additionally, you can send a wine by mail (text or PDF).
So, if you want a good management for your wine cellar, you must have this app !
- 您可以扫描你的瓶子,有一个具体的想法酒窖和管理的有效性。
- 你也可以排序您的葡萄酒品种,等级,年份,价格,做一个搜索使用相同的判据。
- 您可以创建多个酒窖。例如,波尔多酒窖,勃艮第,或您想购买的葡萄酒。
- 如果你的朋友在餐厅品尝好酒,扫描吧!然后,你可以很容易地识别它。
- 您还可以导出您的酒窖,以Excel或CSV。
- 您可以创建自定义的项目报告和管理您的下拉列表。
- 为了认识葡萄酒,你有,你可以把葡萄酒瓶的图片。
- 最后,更好地管理你的酒窖,你可以给每一个酒你已经喝,分享这些收视率与其他用户。
- 您可以使用密码锁定编辑模式,然后你的应用,你可以展现在你的餐厅酒单。
- 这个程序是我的球童,当你需要买了酒,你可以将其发送到我的球童。
- 你可以把自己的应用程序在你的语言。

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Create your custom fields in reports, manage all drop-downs
Display charts

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Android 2.0 以上

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