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LA Times: Your California News

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LA Times: Your California News LA Times: Your California News LA Times: Your California News LA Times: Your California News LA Times: Your California News LA Times: Your California News

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With the Los Angeles Times Android app, you get our exclusive in-depth reporting on the stories that matter to you most.
You'll find our unique California take on politics, world events, education, the environment, crime, the economy, business and more. Follow your favorite L.A. sports teams with our complete coverage of the Lakers, Clippers, Dodgers, Kings, USC and UCLA. Get the latest on the world of entertainment direct from Hollywood's hometown news source. Keep up with the ever-changing L.A. arts and nightlife scene. And we've just added Jonathan Gold's 101 Best Restaurants (free for digital subscribers, or available for a $2.99 one-time in-app purchase), so you can take L.A.'s best dining guide with you whenever you go out.
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Clean design and bold features:
• Section-to-section swiping: Easily browse through section fronts without leaving your page
• Customizable navigation: Add, remove or rearrange section fronts organized by topic
• Save for later: Save must-read stories, photos and videos for when you have the time to enjoy them
• One-touch sharing: Easily share articles through email, Facebook or Twitter
• See your progress: Articles that have been read are greyed out to make your reading experience more efficient
• Stay in the know: Sign up for push notifications to get the latest breaking news from our newsroom
• Offline reading: Download and read content offline
• Jonathan Gold's 101 Best Restaurants: Browse our Pulitzer Prize-winning critic's favorite places to eat, find them on a map and save them for later
Subscription options and details:
• If you’re a current digital subscriber, sign in with your email address and password to gain full access to the app’s content.
• “Digital All Access” subscription (includes app and unlimited access to latimes.com across all of your devices) for only $9.99 per month.
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• Subscriptions renew automatically, and you'll be charged at the beginning of each subscription term.
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• Questions about your subscription can be directed to Tribune Customer Service: 213-347-5300
Technical help and assistance:
We've been working hard to fix any and all crashes in the app. If you're still experiencing crashes or freezes after installing this update, please contact us at mobile@latimes.com. A quick email to our support team helps our developers identify and resolve crashes faster.
你会发现我们独特的加州采取政治,世界大事,教育,环境,犯罪,经济,商业等。按照你最喜欢的洛杉矶体育队与我们完整的湖人队,快船队,道奇队,国王队,南加州大学和加州大学洛杉矶分校的覆盖面。获得娱乐的世界最新直接从好莱坞的故乡新闻来源。跟上不断变化的洛杉矶艺术和夜生活。而我们刚刚添加的乔纳森·金的101最佳餐厅(免费为数字用户,或可为$ 2.99的一次性应用程序内购买),这样你就可以采取洛杉矶与你最好的餐饮指南,只要你出门。
•“数字全通”认购(包括应用程序,并在您的所有设备无限制地访问latimes.com)每月只需$ 9.99
•“新闻应用程序只有”申购(包括在所有的Andr​​oid设备访问)每月只需$ 4.99
•您的帐户将被收取(无论是$ 4.99或$ 9.99)事先到当前期结束的24小时内更新。

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